Which celebrity hid under the cosmonaut and left the show on April 15?

TF1 offered the third episode of the third season of mask singer this Friday, April 15th Two new celebs have been unmasked. We first discovered the identity of the cosmonaut.

The investigations are ongoing mask singer. Two new personalities were unmasked last week. After Alain Bernard, disguised as the hermit Bernard, and the navigator Maud Fontenoy made up as a coral fish, it is the impersonator Marc-Antoine Le Bret who had made the Tigress costume his own, knowingly erasing all traces of his identity with the voice of Chantal Ladesou and Teri Hatcher, the star of the series Desperate Housewives, disguised as a ladybug whose identity has been revealed. This week, the celebrities still in the running cast their votes to continue the adventure. In this new installment, an iconic character from the series returned, the crow, who provided important clues about the personalities hidden under the masks and drew the viewer’s attention to the most valuable information about them. Finally, in a duel between the cosmonaut and the pig, it was the cosmonaut who was eliminated by the public.

All clues led to the comedian

But who was hiding under the ingenious costume? Investigators Kev Adams, Anggun, Alessandra Sublet and Jarry first gave the names of Christophe Dechavanne, Tex or Vincent Lagaf before deciding it was certainly Pierre Palmade as his voice seemed recognizable. And in fact it was Pierre Palmade who was hiding under the cosmonaut’s costume. The interviewers were amazed at the emotions that emanated from each of his performances. Several clues had also been uncovered about the cosmonaut, which logically led to his identity. “You can see me in the museum“: suggesting that this star had his statue in the Grévin Museum, like Pierre Palmade. In a second video, a heart-shaped balloon accompanied the cosmonaut, who explained: “My name is often associated with the moon.“The comedian’s first name is associated with the ‘Moonstone’ or nursery rhyme In the moonlight. “I had the incredible opportunity to meet the band that changed my life at a very young age”, he said this Friday, April 15, in reference to The class where he started. Laurent Ruquier had also given a big clue as to the identity of the comedian who is one of them size heads.

The comedian would have liked to win

“From the start you burned me a little”, found the comedian once exposed. Among the many clues to recognize it was the cutlery from the first evening that referred to that Big restaurant, his TV show. An important clue was also hidden on his costume, the word Place written in Scrabble letters on his sleeve. “I got caught up in the game of winning anyway.”he found after his elimination.

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