Will KSC finally deprive HSV of their last hope of promotion? All the facts about the game

Again, it’s: Hamburger SV versus Karlsruher SC. After Nordlichter and Badener have already faced each other in the first leg, in the DFB Cup and in a test match this season, the fourth confrontation is approaching. Return match in Hamburg. Also means: KSC could avenge the bitter end of the cup and thus deprive HSV of its last hope of promotion. Peter Putzing has the facts on the game.

After the bitter and very unfortunate KSC Cup loss to Hamburger SV, compensation is the order of the day in the city of more than a million people. The Badois still have a score to settle.

KSC after the 2:2 in Paderborn on 39 points

The hopes are there – Philip Hofmann, the KSC striker, who will probably leave the club. He scored his 50th goal for KSC in Paderborn – exactly in competitive match number one hundred in a Baden shirt.

Philipp Hofmann (M) led KSC to Paderborn in the meantime in the lead. | Image: Friso Gentsch/dpa

After the 2-2 draw at Paderborn, he said: “Of course I’m happy with the 50 goals”, but also admitted he would have preferred a win to that anniversary goal. Even in the somewhat disappointing draw in Paderborn, the Karlsruhe side presented themselves as the “monsters of the Baden mentality” for a long time and were not thrown off balance by a 0:1 deficit.

In total, the Badeners have now scored points in eleven games in the 2nd Bundesliga in 2021/22 – more times than any other team. Meanwhile, the Hamburgers presented themselves as a candidate for relegation. Not like a team that has promotion ambitions.

In Hamburg there is a threat of not escalating again

The proof: HSV have taken five points from the last seven games – a bitter record. The hoped-for progress is far, very far. In the north of Germany we speak of: “Frustration HSV” Or: “The impassable”.

Hamburg's head coach Tim Walter plays with a ball on the training ground at the start of HSV training.

Hamburg head coach Tim Walter plays with a ball on the training ground at the start of HSV training | Image: Gregor Fischer/dpa

KSC are unbeaten in four straight games and go into the rest of the season with a 10-point cushion in the first relegation zone. Wildparkclub leads the Second Division club rankings in goal-after-corner danger: the fan-shaped Towns have scored seven goals from corners so far.

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