World Snooker Championship: Hossein Vafaei criticizes Ronnie O’Sullivan and calls on the superstar to resign

Hossein Vafaei had only recently secured the World Cup ticket with a 10:9 victory over Lei Peifan as the first Iranian in snooker history, so he immediately followed the next title.
Speaking to, Vafaei called some of Ronnie O’Sullivan’s statements “disrespectful” about the sport of snooker. “A lot of what he says frustrates me. What kind of legend are you when you call people idiots?” said the 27-year-old.

He was and still is good friends with O’Sullivan, Vafaei explained, but he doesn’t like that stuff. “Maybe he likes it and feels good, but I think you should treat him that way. I treat him as he deserves,” the Iranian continued.

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Vafaei was referring, among other things, to O’Sullivan’s statements at the Scottish Open when he advised children not to pursue a career in snooker. “If I had a son, I wouldn’t let him play pool,” the superstar said at the time, adding, “I’d rather he played golf, football or tennis.”

Vafaei slams O’Sullivan: ‘Those were bad words for our sport’

In January, O’Sullivan went on to say on The Disruptive Entrepreneur podcast: “It’s a bad sport, it can hurt you a lot. Unless you’re Stephen Hendry, Steve Davis, John Higgins, Mark Williams , me, Judd Trump, [Mark] Selby, [Neil] Robertson… forget it. For others, it’s just a loss of life.”

Words that make Vafaei burp. “Those were very bad words, very bad for our sport. Look, he doesn’t need to remind us that he has won 20 major titles. I think someone next to him should remind him that he’s Ronnie O’Sullivan,” the Iranian criticized.

O’Sullivan wouldn’t be where he is today without his team, Vafaei continued. He was particularly annoyed by what he saw as unnecessary comparisons by O’Sullivan: “He’s comparing me to somebody else. I don’t like it. We don’t have to compare ourselves to other people.”

Then came the words that caused a stir. “I don’t want to get involved in those kinds of conversations. I like him a lot, I’m his fan, I like what he does, but sometimes he’s disrespectful, he’s not good for the game.” , launched Vafaei against the current world number one.

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Vafaei calls for O’Sullivan’s resignation

But it didn’t stop. Because the Iranian even asked O’Sullivan to quit: “I think he should retire, to be honest. He should retire and the younger generation should make the game bigger,” he said. -he declares.

Because from his point of view, O’Sullivan has not advanced the sport in recent years. “I don’t see any improvement, he’s been at the top of the sport for 20 years and what has he done for us? That’s my biggest question: what has he done for we ?” Where are the big companies?

With this, Vafaei alludes to the fact that there are many sponsors in snooker, but major international global brands such as tennis have so far stayed away from the sport. “You succeeded in making the game bigger, why didn’t you? How many contacts have you had to bring car manufacturers or Rolex into our sport to make the game bigger?” Vafaei asked O’Sullivan for an answer to what he sees. as a lack of growth.

He himself definitely wants to do things differently if he wants to become a snooker figurehead. “When I reach this position, I will help all the players if I can. I am not a selfish person,” Vafaei said.

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Vafaei rumbles: O’Sullivan wants to reduce snooker

Finally, the 2019 Welsh Open semi-finalist chained again in the direction of O’Sullivan. “He must be wondering why he doesn’t have a private jet or a bigger house like a footballer,” Vafaei said, criticizing the Rocket’s attitude: “Now he always plays for 70,000 or 50,000 pounds, otherwise he’ll say he doesn’t want to play anymore.”

Vafaei complained that he wanted to make the sport of snooker small: “It’s time to tell him: ‘Get out, man. Quit’.”

Tough statements for a rookie at Worlds, although Vafaei is no stranger to snooker and will head to Sheffield with plenty of confidence. At the end of January, he triumphed at the Shoot Out and beat three-time world champion Mark Williams in the final. He is also 18th in the world rankings.

In the first round on Wednesday, Vafaei also meets former world number one Judd Trump, currently world number four (Wednesday April 20 from 3:30 p.m. live on Eurosport 1 free TV and at Eurosport on Joyn!). From a sporting point of view alone, there are enough reasons to look forward to the Iranian’s appearance. After this harsh criticism from superstar O’Sullivan, Vafaei’s opener should of course be even more in the spotlight.
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