1000 euros bonus from the state for you if you follow these instructions! Good plan 2022.

The MaPrimeRénov component for replacing fossil fuel boilers benefits from a bonus until the end of the year.

From April 15th to the end of the year, they will benefit from an additional MaPrimeRénov subsidy of €1,000 to replace their fossil fuel boiler (gas or oil) with a more environmentally friendly heating system such as a heat pump or a biomass system (wood).

A MaPrimeRénov bonus that, even if temporary, is welcome. For environmental reasons, the installation of new oil-fired boilers will be definitively banned from July 1st.

Meanwhile, heating oil remains the third most used heating energy in the country after town gas and electricity, recalls Audrey Zermati, strategy director at Effy, a company that specializes in helping individuals with their energy renovation projects.

And if its proportion has tended to decline over the past 40 years, it largely persists in rural and peri-urban areas. On the other hand, the metropolises long relied on city gas, then on electricity.

764,000 MaPrimRenov’ files in 2021

Total aid can be up to €9,000, Minister for Ecological Transition Barbara Pompili tweeted after the resilience plan was announced. In her calculations, the minister combines two of the most important public aids for renovations: MaPrimRenov’ and the system of energy saving certificates (EEC).

MaPrimeRénov: This obliges energy operators (EDF, Engie, TotalEnergies, etc.) to encourage their customers to carry out work or change their heating system to improve the energy efficiency of their homes. In return, these operators get these famous ESCs as so many good points for completing the objectives.

Since the two devices are subject to resource requirements, the 9,000 euros are only accessible to so-called very modest households. The EWC then pays 4,000 euros; and it is MaPrimRénov that goes from 4000 to 5000 euros. As resources increase, aid decreases. Until it disappears completely for the highest incomes, for example over 79,000 euros reference tax income for a household of four living in the Paris region.

In 2021, according to Anah (National Housing Agency), which administers the system, 764,732 MaPrimeRénov files were filed. In the end, 644,073 awards were granted and 372,828 projects were carried out and paid for, which corresponds to a total award budget of just over 2 billion euros.

Don’t forget to take into account the removal of the old boiler!

The combination of the two aids, MaPrimRénov and CEE, makes it possible to reduce the balance to be paid, ie the amount that the household has to pay after deducting the aid. Taking the example of an air-water heat pump, the model that can replace an oil or gas boiler, explains Audrey Zermati, for a house of around 100 square meters, its average price is around 12,000 euros. With a total funding of 9,000 euros, the average residual burden is 3,000 euros, still for a very modest household.

Note that the cost of removing the old boiler must also be included in the budget. MaPrimeRénov also supports this step in addition to the purchase of replacement devices. Calculate with 1200 euros help on average, specifies the director of Effy. If the total cost of the procedure is 1500 euros. Households must therefore plan at least 300 euros in their budget.

Under what conditions can I receive MaPrimeRénov?

When replacing a more economical heating method, the household help is increased by 1000 euros under certain conditions.

To benefit, you must submit your file directly to the maprimerenov.gouv.fr website. Applications must be submitted between this Friday, April 15th and December 31st.

Please note that the allocation of this financial support depends on your income. The device is accessible to all owners, even in the case of a rental apartment, if you earn less than 80,000 euros per year.

In total, the aid for MaPrimeRénov can be up to 11,000 euros if you replace an old oil-fired boiler with a very efficient device such as a heat pump or a wood-fired boiler.

37,000 euros of work on average in Occitania


According to Rénov’Occitanie, quoted by France 3, the inhabitants of the region who change their heating system invest an average of 37,000 euros, which corresponds to an energy gain of more than 60%. MaPrimeRénov grants fund 25 to 30% of these projects.

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