3 reasons why the Dacia Jogger will never kill the Duster

Once it was established that the Lodgy would have offspring, the surprise was to see the first prototypes appear. Underneath the camouflage, it was already clear that this 7-seater would not take the form of a minivan, but rather a sort of raised station wagon with SUV accents. Enough to feed initial doubts about internal competition with the Duster, which were reinforced when the Jogger was unveiled in September 2021. With his adventurer vibe and modernity inherited from the last Sandero, from which he is heavily inspired, the jogger comes to the hunt defiant on his brother’s land. At least on paper, because that’s how it is in real lifee Duster has nothing to worry about and still has some unstoppable arguments.

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1. A wider range of engines and transmissions

Since it picks up on the architecture of the little Sandero, the jogger can’t work miracles under its hood when it comes to mechanics. Before the hybrid turns things upside down – and the price! – In 2023, customers have no other choice than the ECO-G 100 and the TCe 110. It’s actually the same 3-cylinder 1.0 Turbo mated to a 6-speed manual gearbox. In the first case it offers bi-fuel without lead or LPG and in the second case it is equipped with direct injection and then offers a small increase in torque and power.

On the other hand, the Duster keeps a wider range, since in addition to the ECO-G 100 there is the TCe 130 and the TCe 150, namely two variants of the same 4-cylinder 1.3. The significantly more efficient engine can even be combined with a 7-speed EDC dual-clutch automatic transmission. And since the Duster is a real SUV, it also comes in a 4×4 version. But in this case, more choice, you’ll have to opt for diesel, as Dacia has preferred to limit the break to CO2 emissions. On the other hand, you can also opt for the diesel in the “traction” version. In any case, the 1.5 with 115 hp will not cause any problems for drivers who do not live in big cities and will even claim its low consumption (6.3 l/100 km verified by us).

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The Dacia Jogger shares its facies with the Sander Stepway.  © Dacia

2. Superior driving pleasure

Even if it’s not a ballerina, the Duster is more comfortable to drive than the Jogger. In particular due to a significantly shorter length and wheelbase that give it more agility. Its superior suspension travel also makes it more comfortable in everyday life without falling into caricatures. Soundproofing is also slightly better on board the Duster, as confirmed by our sound level meter.

Furthermore, Also worth mentioning are the TCe 130 and 150, which, with the 3-cylinder, offer incomparable driving pleasure in addition to the beefier performance. Voluntary as it may be, this 1.0 does not have the roundness and torque of the 1.3 Turbo, making it possible to imagine a mountain trip with children and luggage on board without the slightest apprehension.

3. Untouchable sympathy capital

Finally, rather subjectively, the Duster enjoys real sympathy capital, while the Jogger, despite Dacia’s best efforts to make it more attractive than the Lodgy, conveys the image of a simple station wagon. It must also be said that the latter hardly differs from the Sandero, inheriting its entire facies and, above all, its entire dashboard. Very rewarding at this range, however, it doesn’t convey the feeling of sitting in an imposing vehicle, while the Duster inspires that robustness and confidence in use.

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The Dacia Duster remains an excellent road companion.  © DaciaThe Dacia Jogger has fake airs from Volvo behind it.  © Dacia


With more versatility, better driving performance and a more attractive face than the Jogger, the Duster ultimately has little to fear from its new brother in the range. If you need 7 seater, no discussion, only the jogger interests you. But for the vast majority of families with 1, 2 or 3 children, the certainly more expensive Duster caters and even offers some exclusive features such as diesel, all-wheel drive or automatic transmission.. In this internal match, the Jogger will close the gap in 2023 with the arrival of the 140hp hybrid, before the Duster goes back in 2024 with the launch of a truly renewed third generation, no less ambitious than the current one.

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