Adi Hütter losing steam after Cologne derby debacle

“A Very Bitter Day”
Borussia coach Hütter upset and lost after derby debacle

Borussia coach Adi Hütter looked upset after the 3-0 loss to 1. FC Köln. His record of the derby with Gladbach: zero points. “It’s inexplicable that we let ourselves be so confused,” he complains.

Adi Hütter was angry. “I’m very upset that we played such a game,” said the Borussia coach after his team’s 3-1 loss in the Rhine derby to 1. FC Köln. Hütter is the only Borussia coach with Wolf Werner to have lost his first two derbies. In the first leg there was a 1:4.

Hütter’s overall record in Rhineland duels is sobering and contributes to the overall bleak impression of his time in Gladbach. The games against Bayer Leverkusen ended 0:4 and 1:2, of course the 2:7 goals against Cologne, which came together in the two bankruptcies against Steffen Baumgart’s team, weigh even more heavily.

The derby, which Hütter identified as the “most important game of the year”, was meant to be something of a kick-off to the final sprint after the four-game unbeaten run. “The fans are there, the stadium is full. We have to apologize to the fans for our performance. It’s a very bitter day for us,” Hütter said.

He seemed lost, had no explanation for what happened shortly after the sad commotion. “We could have made up so much and we just couldn’t keep up the momentum after the last ten points. It’s inexplicable that we got sidetracked like that,” said Hütter. After the 0-1 in the fifth minute, Borussia was out of the game and never came back.

Hütter drew a sobering conclusion late on Easter Saturday. “We played far too slowly, across, backwards and rarely hurt our opponents. Against a team that plays physically, that plays as it should, modern, active, fast transitions, we were not capable enough counter that,” admitted Hütter.

Their far-favorite forward defenders Stefan Lainer and Ramy Bensebaini were repeatedly outflanked by Cologne’s usual long balls early on, and there was no reaction, either on the pitch or on the bench. After the break, Hütter made two changes, which brought relief, but no real improvement. Above all, Hütter’s team lacked the fire to turn the tide.

“We failed to play our game for a long time,” Hütter said. He lacked the will to run and the dueling behavior, also “tactically we didn’t do some things well”. The result is “a symbol of our mismanagement”.

Hütter averaged 1.30 points with the cup as Gladbach coach, that’s meager. He even has a zero against Cologne. That’s why the coach aroused the displeasure of the fans. “Hütter raus” calls rang through the ranks, and there were clear whistles at halftime. “I can understand the fans,” Hütter said. His team finally sorted themselves into no man’s land, the opportunity to orient themselves strongly upwards was missed.

Nevertheless, Hütter doesn’t think the season will be over from Gladbach’s perspective now. “That’s definitely not possible. Especially after a game like today, we have to give everything again in the last four games,” he clarified. It should be clear to Hütter that his words sounded like a wishful thinking under the impression of the derby.

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