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Shock of sugar to the power of three!

Jeez, are they cute! On Sunday, Anna-Maria Ferchichi (40), wife of rapper Bushido (43), posted a particularly funny bath photo: the photo shows her triplet daughters Leonora, Naima and baby Amaya swimming.

Toddlers have fun in the hot tub with special swimming neck rings. Admittedly, the girls still look a little puzzled, but they still seem to like it.

Foto: anna_maria_ferchichi/Instagram

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“Ouch, where did we get here?” one of the mini girls seems to be asking. Well baby swim with mom and dadPhoto: anna_maria_ferchichi/Instagram

The adorable triplets were born healthy on November 11. Fortunately! Because in the meantime, Mama Anna-Maria and Papa Bushido had to fear for the life of one of their daughters. Due to premature rupture of the membranes, doctors predicted that a triplet girl’s heart might stop beating.

But little Amaya turned out to be a real fighter and was finally born with her sisters. Today, the former problem child is on the lookout!

Anna-Maria and Bushido have been married since 2012. With the triplets, the couple now have seven children together and Anna-Maria brought another child into the marriage.

Mama lion with a mega body

But Anna-Maria Ferchichi isn’t just a doting lion mom. She’s also a disciplined fitness fanatic! The mother-of-eight also showcased her well-formed post-baby body on Instagram.

Fit Mama: Anna-Maria showcases her workout successes on InstagramFoto: anna_maria_ferchichi/Instagram

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Fit Mama: Anna-Maria showcases her workout successes on InstagramPhoto: anna_maria_ferchichi/Instagram

“There are 14 weeks between these photos,” the influencer writes and shows a photo taken shortly after the triplets were born and a current photo in the workout outfit. There is nothing left of her XXL baby marble, on the contrary. Thanks to regular workouts and a healthy diet, the first abdominal muscles are already appearing.

A great personal success for Anna-Maria. But the greatest happiness of the forty-year-olds is clearly their very sweet kids.

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