Developers are introducing an ‘unforgivable curse’ to the game

from Maximilian Hohm
By popular demand from gamers, the developers of Hogwarts Legacy decided to implement the Unforgivable Curse into the new RPG. So far, however, it is still unclear how players are or can be protected against abuse. Read more about this below.

Avalanche Software’s Hogwarts Legacy aims to give players plenty of opportunities to experiment and cast spells. Although the Harry Potter books and films often seem to cater more to younger audiences, they have dark backgrounds. They revolve around a young wizard whose parents have been murdered with a deadly curse before his eyes. He learns to defend himself against school violence throughout the series, eventually leading an attack on the aforementioned corrupt wizard.

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The “Avada Kedavra” deadly curse used in the series, often referred to as the Unforgivable Curse, seems to be a wish many fans had for the game. The developers gave in and implemented the curse. This has a direct lethal effect and suits the game. As an RPG, Hogwarts Legacy should allow the player to choose if they want to belong to the good side or the bad side. This also includes this curse, although it is not yet clear how it can be integrated into the game to protect it from abuse.

Limiting it to key moments in the story, or otherwise restricting its use, would be conceivable so that players don’t leave behind piles of corpses. The curse can already be seen in battle in the latest gameplay clip. The final game is slated for release in Winter 2022 on PC, Switch, Xbox One S/X, Xbox Series S/X, PS4, and PS5 and will give players plenty of freedom.


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