Elden Ring: the 8 legendary talismans

In Elden Ring you can collect not only ordinary talismans, but also legendary talismans. These rarities are well hidden, so we show you all the locations of the eight legendary talismans.

Why do I need Legendary Talismans? Some of these charms are some of the best of their kind, so if you’re looking to polish your Saint or Mage builds, one of the charms listed might be important to you.

You also need all eight copies to get the Legendary Talismans trophy or achievement. That’s why we show you all the pin locations, how you get them, and what they can do.

This is how you get all legendary talismans

What legendary talismans exist? There are a total of eight Legendary Talismans that you can collect on your travels. They would be:

  • The Radagon Icon
  • Radagon Wound Seal
  • Godfrey’s Icon
  • Nokstella Moon
  • Great Dragon Shield Talisman
  • Marika’s Wound Seal
  • Talisman of the Old Prince
  • Favor of the Earth Tree +2

We will show you in detail how to get the talismans and describe the step-by-step path so that you do not miss any of the jewels.

The Radagon Icon

Radagon’s medallion

What can the talisman do? This talisman shortens your casting time. This means you can cast your spells faster and you don’t have to get stuck in the readying animation for long.

Where can I find this talisman? For this you need to go to the place of grace “Forum of Debate”, which is in the Academy of Raya Lucaria. Once there, you move straight outside into the outer courtyard of the academy. Once through the iron gate, point your compass to the southeast.

Elden Ring Radagons Icon Location
If you follow the path, all you have to do is run over the broken window and up to the chest

From there, you jump over the stone railing and head straight for the ladder ahead. Follow the path until you come to the broken window. Jump on it and stay to the right. You should come across a chest containing the talisman.

Radagon Wound Seal

Elden Ring Talisman Radagons Wound Sigil
A popular amulet

What can the talisman do? This talisman greatly increases your Power, Condition, Strength, and Skill attributes, but you take more damage. Attributes receive a five point bonus.

Where can I find this talisman? The talisman can be found in Faroth’s fortress in Caelid. Go to the Place of Mercy of the same name and storm the fortress. The talisman is on a corpse hidden in the wooden scaffolding.

Ring Fortress Elden Faroth
The cursor shows you the fortress and the place of mercy

So you have to use the ladder that is in the fortress to get to the fortress and from there make your way through the bats. The amulet is guarded by two rats.

Godfrey’s Icon

Elden Ring Talisman Godfreys Icon
Good for wizards and saints

What can the talisman do? This talisman enhances charged spells and talents. This applies to all spells and talents that can be loaded into their animation.

Where can I find this talisman? To get this talisman, you need to go from the Place of Grace “Atlus Plateau” to the Prison of Seals in the Golden Family Tree.

Godfreys Icon of the Sealed Prison of the Elden Ring

We have marked you on the map where you should travel with your horse. Defeat the prisoner there and get this talisman as a reward.

Nokstella Moon

Elden Ring Talisman Moon of Nokstella

What can the talisman do? This amulet increases your number of save slots by two slots.

Where can I find this talisman? The Moon of Nokstella is in a chest in the Great Cathedral of Nokstella. To access this section of the map, you must have completed part of Ranni’s quest.

Follow the stairs that lead you higher and higher

Then go to the place of grace “Nokstella, the eternal city” and then follow the path that we have marked for you on the map. In the last church is the chest with the talisman.

Great Dragon Shield Talisman

Elden Ring Talisman Dragon Greatshield Talisman
Good talisman to give you increased resistance

What can the talisman do? Greatly increases your resistance to physical damage. So you can take even more hits

Where can I find this talisman? This talisman is in the secret location of the Halig tree. Go to the place of grace “Sewer”. Once there, you balance on the big roots of the tree until you reach the roof of a cathedral.

Elden Ring Halig Tree
Follow the roots and climb to the roof of the church

Select a hole in the broken roof and drop it onto the wooden beams. From there, you’ll find a chest amid some bug-infested creatures to the west. This is where the talisman is.

Marika’s Wound Seal

Elden Ring Talisman Marikas Wound Seal
A good talisman to give you the boost you need

What can the talisman do? This talisman greatly increases your Spirit, Wisdom, Faith, and Arcane Energy attributes, as well as your damage taken. Attributes receive a five point bonus.

Where can I find this talisman? You can find the talisman in Haligbaum, the optional area north of the between lands. To do this, you go to the place of grace “prayer room”. From there you take the next door outside and follow the round city wall until the railing ends and you stand in front of a stone bowl.

There you use the transition and then drop to the bottom edge of the tower. Go around the tower. You would then have to face the sea. Dare to jump on the nearest perimeter wall, ignore the rotten offspring of the Earth Tree and run south.

Ignore the offspring, they can be very annoying

When you get to the end of the wall, jump west onto the roof of a small building. Keep jumping until you come to a fog door that you can open with a heavy stone key. The amulet is in front of you.

Beware: a stronger opponent appears at the door, which can complicate your life. Be ready.

Talisman of the Old Prince

Old Lord's Elden Ring Talisman
Very useful for lovers of spells and wonders

What can the talisman do? Extends the duration of spell effects.

Where can I find this talisman? ? The talisman can be found in the ruined city of Farum Azula. Take the place of mercy “Au Grand Pont”. From there you go up the stairs to the climb. However, you are heading north in the opposite direction of the Malekith boss fight.

Elden Ring Farum Azula
Beware of wolves who deal very high damage

Then follow the path further into an open passage, down the stairs, then back outside. Once there, head south and then down the ladder. Then go to the tower in front of you and retrieve the talisman.

Favor of the Earth Tree +2

Elden Ring Talisman Favor Tree Earth+2
A talisman that fits into any build

What can the talisman do? Greatly increases max health, stamina, and gear weight.

Where can I find this talisman? You only get this talisman when you defeat Maliketh, the Black Blade. After that, Leynndell, the capital, is bathed in ash and changes abruptly. You need to go to the place of mercy “Forbidden Lands” and then follow the path back to the capital.

Have you reached where the beasts were, take her down the stairs. heading north. Where there was once a vast lake is now filled with ash and giant Eldenworms. Walk past them until you come to a tree trunk. On this is the talisman.

For your convenience, we have included a YouTube video to show you the exact location:

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Once you collect all the Talismans, you will receive the Legendary Talismans trophy. However, this realization may not appear for you.

In this case, you can go to a safe place, deposit all the legendary charms, and then collect them one by one. Sometimes Elden Ring does not register picked up items and therefore needs to be picked up again.

What do you think of talismans? Do you think they are all strong or can you only use some of them? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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