EU states urged to hurry: Von der Leyen pushes for rapid arms deliveries

EU states urged to hurry
Von der Leyen pushes for rapid arms delivery

The EU is preparing a sixth sanctions package against Russia. According to Commission President von der Leyen, it should also include mechanisms that disrupt Kremlin oil exports. It also calls on Member States to send heavy and light war material to Ukraine.

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen has called on EU countries to quickly deliver arms to Ukraine. “For all member states, those who can must deliver quickly, because only then can Ukraine survive in its fierce defensive struggle against Russia,” von der Leyen told “Bild” newspaper. “I don’t differentiate between heavy and light weapons. Ukraine must receive what it needs to defend itself and what it can handle.”

The President of the European Commission prepared European citizens for a long military conflict: “We must do everything to end it as soon as possible. And at the same time, we must prepare for the fact that the war may last for months or even years in the worst case.

On the key points of a sixth EU sanctions package against Russia, which is currently in the works, she said: “We continue to look at the banking sector, in particular Sberbank, which alone accounts for 37% of the Russian banking sector. And of course it is about energy issues.”

Von der Leyen defends Germany

The main goal is to reduce Putin’s income. “But oil is traded globally. What shouldn’t happen is that Putin charges even higher prices in other markets for deliveries that would otherwise go to the EU. That’s why we are currently developing smart mechanisms so that oil can also be included in the next stage of sanctions.”

Von der Leyen defended the German government against allegations that it was slowing down sanctions. “Germany has supported Ukraine for many years and approved the five sanctions packages we proposed within 48 hours. The EU has never acted as united, determined and forceful as it does today. Germany has played its part in this,” she said.

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