Federal intelligence officer Kramer warns of dangers of war in Ukraine

Updated on 04/16/2022 at 5:17 p.m.

  • Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine also casts its shadow over Germany.
  • The President of the Thuringian Office for the Protection of the Constitution, Stephan Kramer, warns of the possible entry of terrorists and cyberattacks.

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President of the Thuringian Office for the Protection of the Constitution, Stephan Kramer, warned of the dangers for the security situation in Germany as a result of the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine. “In intelligence services and security authorities, we have corresponding working hypotheses and possible scenarios that we are preparing for,” Kramer told “Handelsblatt”. In addition to the possible entry of terrorists, it also concerns cyberattacks.

“Even small actions and events can lead to uncertainty, chaos and destabilization,” Kramer said. In view of Germany’s growing commitment to Ukraine in the form of arms supplies, sanctions, but also economic support and the growing pressure on the Russian aggressors to succeed, “the Republic federal government is increasingly becoming the target of attacks at all levels,” the intelligence officer said.

“We must be prepared for the fact that the intensity of attacks against us and our infrastructure will increase dramatically in the coming weeks,” Kramer warned.

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Police union also concerned

The police union (GdP) has also expressed concern. “It is possible that terrorists will also find their way to Germany as part of a refugee movement,” GdP national chairman Oliver Malchow told “Handelsblatt”. It can also be assumed that “it may be part of a war strategy that aims to contribute to the destabilization of the internal security of this country”.

Malchow recalled the so-called Tiergarten murder in 2019. Around that time, a Georgian exile was allegedly gunned down on behalf of the Russian secret service. (afp/mf)

The US intelligence service CIA has warned that Russia could use smaller nuclear weapons in the war in Ukraine. Faced with “possible desperation” over military “failures”, Russian President Vladimir Putin could order it, CIA Director William Burns has said. (AFP)

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