Fun Easter Eggs: Google’s Best Easter Eggs

04/17/2022 – 15:33

Movie and game references
Fun Easter Eggs: Google’s Best Easter Eggs

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Among other things, there are many Easter eggs on the Internet.

Users can find thousands of Easter eggs in games, movies, programs or on the Internet. Google has also hidden many bonuses such as Easter eggs.

The creators of programs, websites, films, video games and series surprise users again and again with so-called Easter eggs. Here’s a selection of the most creative and fun “Easter eggs” that tech giant Google has currently hidden on its websites.

answer to the question of life

With just one small suggestion, Google is pouring oil on the fire around the long-debated question of whether Han Solo (Harrison Ford) or Greedo (Paul Blake) shot first in “Star Wars.” In the 1977 original, Han Solo pulls the trigger first. The scene was then reworked and Greedo shoots first, leaving Han Solo to act in self-defense. If you set the language used on Google to English and search for “Han shot first” (Eng. “Han shot first”), you will get “Do you mean: Greedo shot first” (Eng. “Do you want to say: Greedo shot first” as a suggestion for improvement). shot’ means”) is displayed. When you search for “Greedo shot first”, everything works the other way around.

There is also a comparable Easter Egg for the popular comedy “Groundhog Day” starring Bill Murray (71). In the film, originally called Groundhog Day, Murray’s character relives the same day over and over again. In English search, users will see “Do you mean: Groundhog Day” when they search for the movie title. If you click it multiple times, the same improvement suggestion is displayed over and over again.

Fantasy fans will also find a special easter egg in the English search – with a query for “the one ring” (dt. “The One Ring”) from “The Lord of the Rings”. As a suggestion, users will see “Do you mean: my precious” (dt. “Do you mean ‘My precious'”). This is of course a nod to the character of Gollum (Andy Serkis).

A highlight of the series is hidden in Google Maps. Street View presents the Tardis from the sci-fi classic Doctor Who on Earl’s Court Road in London. Simply enter the address “238 Earl’s Court Road” into the search. Depending on your perspective, the space-time machine is hidden behind a white truck.

Google also donated a funny Easter egg to Douglas Adams’ “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” (1952-2001). If you’re looking for an “answer to the question of life, the universe, and everything else,” Google’s pocket calculator will show “42.”

Games and little helpers

The search engine has many well-known additional functions – including the already mentioned calculator, a translation function or the current time display. But there are also many other small assistants and small games at Google. “Heads or Tails” displays a draw, for example. And under “Roll Dice” (each without quotes), users can roll dice with different faces accordingly. Meanwhile, a “random number generator” produces random sequences of digits.

Google has also integrated several simple games. Included are a version of the Windows classic “Minesweeper”, a version of the long-running “Pac-Man” series, and a “Solitaire” game. There is also a Google version of “Snake”, which is particularly popular on older Nokia cell phones, under “Play Snake”.

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