Helen Mirren’s stepson turns 52: ‘Mandalorian’ star Rio Hackford dies

Helen Mirren’s stepson turns 52
Mandalorian star Rio Hackford has died

Rio Hackford plays the droid IG-11 in the Star Wars series The Mandalorian. Helen Mirren’s stepson is also known for his roles in many other movies and series. Today Hackford is dead, he was only 52 years old.

Mourning for actor and club owner Rio Hackford. According to the American industry portal “Variety”, he died Thursday in Huntington Beach, California. Hackford was only 52 years old. “Variety” reports, citing the brother of the late Alex Hackford, that the TV star died of an illness. We didn’t know what disease it was.

Rio Hackford was the son of film director and producer Taylor Hackford. The two-time Emmy Award winner has been married to British actress Helen Mirren since 1997. This made Rio Hackford Mirren’s stepson. The 76-year-old – who won the Best Actress Oscar for her role as Elizabeth II in the historical drama The Queen in 2007 – posted a photo of Hackford on Instagram and captioned it “El Rio “.

“He was a great magnet for creative people, with a Zelig-like background that could turn a biography into a page-turner. He loved the alchemy of personalities and talents – and was one of the great facilitators of this. respect,” says his friend DV DeVincentis quoted on Variety.

Hackford’s roles include Pretty Woman

Hackford was known for films and TV shows such as “Jonah Hex”, “Swingers”, “Treme” or “Star Wars: The Mandalorian”. He is also said to have owned clubs in New Orleans, San Francisco and Los Angeles, which are hangouts and popular spots for artists. He has also directed music videos.

In “The Mandalorian”, he was the actor for the droid IG-11, voiced by Taika Waititi. He also recently played a manager in the series “Pam & Tommy”. Hackford also made small appearances in films like “Pretty Woman” or “Strange Days”. Rio Hackford is survived by his wife, musician Libby Grace, two children, his brother Alex and his father and stepmother Helen Mirren, according to Variety.

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