Injured after ricochets: the situation worsened around an Islamophobic rally in Sweden

Injured after ricochets
The situation has worsened around an Islamophobic rally in Sweden

An ultra-right group marches through Swedish cities and wants to burn a Koran every time. This calls the counter-protesters to the plan. According to their own statements, the police fired warning shots in Norrköping – which hit three people. These were taken to hospital.

In Sweden, after a meeting of the ultra-right group Stram Kurs, counter-demonstrators revolted again. In Norrkoping, police said they fired warning shots on Sunday. Three people were reportedly hit and injured by ricochets, police said. According to the police, a bus, a car and garbage cans were set on fire in Malmö.

The three injured from Norrköping have been taken to hospital and taken into custody as a precaution, according to police, as they are suspected of a crime.

The protests were sparked by a meeting of the anti-Islamic and anti-immigrant group Stram Kurs (Strammer Kurs) led by politician and lawyer Rasmus Paludan. He is currently traveling to various Swedish cities and holding meetings there, during which one Quran is to be burned at a time. There were several clashes between police and counter-protesters.

Demonstrations in several cities

On Saturday, a Stram Kurs rally was moved from Landskrona in southern Sweden to a car park in nearby Malmö to avoid rioting. Nonetheless, protests erupted in various parts of Malmö, with rioters throwing rocks at police. A spokeswoman said the police were not injured. However, there have been several reports of vandalism.

In Norrköping, 150 demonstrators took to the streets on Sunday against Stram Kurs. According to the police, stones were thrown at the officers and cars were set on fire. Police arrested four protesters.

In similar clashes in the city of Linköping, ten people were hospitalized with minor injuries, the TT news agency reported, citing health authorities.

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