Iris Mareike Steen aka Lilly announces her exit from the series

The series celebrates in a few weeks GZSZ their 30th anniversary. Is this the last? Iris Mareike Steen seen as Lilly?

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Since 2010 is Iris Mareike Steen as Lilly Seefeld in daily soap GZSZ must see and has now become a true fan favorite. But now, a statement from the actress begs the question: How long will the TV star be on the show?


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GZSZ star Iris Mareike Steen for the second time in Playboy

The reason for concern is an interview after a revealing photo shoot. Because the thirties undressed for Playboy and proudly presents the result today. She was already in front of the camera for the magazine seven years ago. But now things are different, as the blonde reveals.

Also interesting:

“I can clearly see in the photos that I’ve grown. It sounds better than ‘older’. I feel more comfortable in my body”, reveals the star in an interview with “Bild”. And something else is different: while the first recordings were made in New York, this time Iris Mareike Steen chose Hamburg.!–endfragment–>!–startfragment–>

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The Hanseatic city is her home and it is exactly where she could return to in the near future. The actress is currently mainly in Berlin or Potsdam, where GZSZ is filmed in the Babelsberg studios. But she doesn’t want to stay there forever.

Farewell to Lilly Seefeld? This is why Iris Mareike Steen doesn’t want to stay with GZSZ forever

In plain language, this also means: Lilly Seefeld does not become a veteran of the series, as is the case with Joachim Gerner (Wolfgang Bahro), for example. But there would be an exception: “Unless, of course, the series moves. I would suggest that”, jokes Iris Mareike Steen in an interview.

Since that probably won’t happen, fans will have to prepare for a release, willy-nilly. When that will happen is unclear. Let’s hope the actress of the series stays around for a few more years! The Playboy with the GZSZ star will be released on April 14.
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