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At his craziest moments, he was nicknamed “Jack The Jumper” – because he constantly had changing sex partners.

Jack Nicholson (84) is taking it easy today. He celebrates his 85th birthday on Friday and lives in isolation on Mulholland Drive in the Hollywood Hills.

Formerly with a devilish smile: Jack Nichoslon in 1980 in Foto: picture alliance /

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Once with a devilish smile: Jack Nichoslon in 1980 in “The Shining”Photo: photo alliance /

He shot his last film “How do you know it’s love” twelve years ago. “I’m done with Hollywood, I’m sick of cameras and bright lights,” he tells BILD am SONNTAG. Instead, he enjoys his life in his mansion.

When his old friend Marlon Brando († 80), who was his neighbor, died, he bought the property, had the house demolished and planted frangipani trees – Brando’s favorite flowers.

1997: Nicholson wins another Oscar for As Good As It Gets, starring Helen HuntFoto: picture alliance / United Archiv

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1997: Nicholson receives another Oscar for “As Good as It Gets” with Helen Hunt (58 today).Photo: picture alliance / United Archive

Nicholson himself continues to live in his old house, although he could easily afford a new villa with a fortune of 350 million euros. But he feels good.

Danny De Vito (right) is a childhood friendFoto: Getty Images

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Danny De Vito (77, right) is a childhood friendPhoto: Getty Images

“I have everything I need in life here.” For example its incredible art collection. Works by Picasso, Matisse and Rodin adorn his home. But he prefers not to talk about it. Just as little as on the strict security system. Estimated value of the Nicholson collection: 90 million euros!

As the devil, Nicholson seduces Michelle Pfeiffer, Susan Sarandon and Cher in The Witches of Eastwick in 1987Foto: picture alliance / Mary Evans Pi

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As the devil, Nicholson seduced Michelle Pfeiffer (now 63), Susan Sarandon (75) and Cher (75, left to right) in ‘The Witches of Eastwick’ in 1987Photo: picture alliance/Mary Evans Pi

But how does someone like him live today, who once didn’t let anything burn? Nicholson is currently single. His governess keeps him company.

“I sleep until 11, then I take a few pills first,” he laughs. However, they are harmless and would help against high blood pressure and cholesterol. “Nothing that gets me high,” he says, almost regretfully.

For breakfast, the housekeeper also brings him orange juice, coffee (with milk and sugar), and the LA Times. Every once in a while he catches up with old friends for a game of poker, reads a lot (usually three to five books at a time as well as comics) and likes to drop by his favorite basketball team, the LA Lakers, and hang out. sit in the front row of the games.

October 2021: Nicholson with his son Ray (right) the two LA LakersFoto: Los Angeles Times via Getty Imag

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October 2021: Nicholson with his son Ray with the LA LakersPhoto: Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

But little by little, he also worries about his age: “I absolutely do not want to die alone at home. He would like to have a new love again. But the legendary actor also knows he’s gotten tougher with age.

“I’m running out of patience, I can say that,” says Jack Nicholson. “I think it has something to do with you being closer to the end than the beginning.”

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