‘Let’s Dance’ Pro Faces Spicy Fan Demand: Your Boobs Are Getting an ‘Easter Break’

It is said that “General Ekat” is strict with his famous dance partners. This is also reflected in his Instagram Q&A.Image: dpa / Rolf Vennenberg

“Will the next show show your boobs again?” ‘Let’s Dance’ star Ekaterina Leonova asked herself such bold questions on Instagram. On Friday, she called her fans into her stories for a Q&A — and also answered some very intimate questions.

How’s the love?

For example, a questioner on Instagram wanted to know how Ekat’s love life was: “How about you with love? I’m still unlucky and she even reported me!” Ekaterina replies amused to her fan that “luckily” it doesn’t look so dramatic for her. She further writes: “I let myself be surprised by fate. At the moment, I only have the time, the eyes and the nerves for Basti. He needs it a lot.”

Ekaterina Leonova also answers very personal questions from her fans on Instagram.

Ekaterina Leonova also answers very personal questions from her fans on Instagram.picture: Instagram

Of course, that means her famous dance partner Bastian Bielendorfer, whom she teaches to dance with “magic and a bit of torture,” as she reveals in another story. Fans want to know how strict she is towards the comedian and writer. In response, the 34-year-old posted a photo of Bielendorfer kneeling in front of her while wearing a tight black jumpsuit and wrote: “The picture says it all”.

“Let’s Dance” contestant Bastian Bielendorfer is going through a tough school with Ekaterina.picture: Instagram

“I’m still into men”

Fans have even more questions about Ekat’s work as a dancer and want to know if she memorizes or writes down the intricate choreography. To which she replies: “Of course I have the choreographies in mind, but these videos with Mariia at 2 a.m. are simply priceless.” She also posts a video showing how she and her cousin practice a dance and continues to write: “And no, even if it doesn’t look like it, I still like men.”

Ekaterina gave an overview of the planning of the choreographies.

Ekaterina gave an overview of the planning of the choreographies.picture: Instagram

By the way, in the watson interview, Ekaterina revealed what such choreography sessions were like with her cousin: “I eat a big packet of ice cream, too, and then we start having fun, doing stupid things. And from this nonsense come the cool ideas for the choreographies. Then it’s choreographed all night, until 5 or 6 in the morning. The main thing is that you remember what you did the next day.”

Just fake birthmark?

Fans don’t stop at other intimate matters. So they ask Ekaterina if she just draws her characteristic birthmark on her cheek. The dancer quickly replies that she has a whole book of stickers in different shapes and sizes and then distributes the stickers over her body. “My dermatologist is very enthusiastic about it,” she adds jokingly.

Ekaterina Leonova shines with humor during a Q&A.

Ekaterina Leonova shines with humor during a Q&A.picture: Instagram

Finally, there’s another, shall we say, special fan question. An Instagram user wants to know: “Will the next show show your boobs again?” What seems very inappropriate at first glance turns out to be a joke for “Let’s Dance” viewers. During one broadcast, Ekaterina called out to viewers, “If you want to see those boobs again, give us a call!”

In any case, Ekaterina jokingly responds on Instagram: “No, I’ll leave the next show at home. They need a longer Easter vacation.”

Ekaterina and Bastian have recently increased

Ekaterina and Bastian recently rose in “Let’s Dance”.Picture: Instagram

“Let’s Dance” will be suspended on Easter weekend, on Good Friday there is already a ban on dancing in large parts of Germany. From April 22, “General Ekat”, Bastian Bielendorfer and the other remaining couples will be back on the court as usual.


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