Lot: Bees attack hiker in Cabrerets, woman hospitalized after more than 30 stings

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This Sunday, several people were stung by bees in Cabrerets, near the Mongirou Bridge. One of the victims bitten about thirty times had to be hospitalized.

This is outrageous, the bees were very aggressive,” says the mayor of Cabrerets, Marie-Laure Le Fourn.
Early this Sunday morning, several wanderers were stung by small black bees. The latter made their crush on the Mongirou stone bridge that spans the Célé river; A few meters away there is an old abandoned beehive in a meadow. “The bees were completely destructured,” explains the mayor, who herself was slightly stung while she was there.
The firefighters of Limogne-en-Quercy, Cahors and Cabrerets intervened, notably to save a hiker who had been stung thirty times. To escape the bees, the native Swiss, who was traveling with her husband, threw herself into the Célé. A neighbor who saw her throw herself into the river immediately alerted rescue workers. The hiker became unwell and was taken to the hospital in Cahors. Since he is not allergic, his life is not in danger. She was under medical supervision yesterday.

A security perimeter in place

Eight hikers stranded on the bridge were also evacuated by firefighters, who allowed them to cross safely in their truck. A system set up by the pioneers all day long while they were on the ground. In the middle of the Easter weekend and with favorable weather, there are many tourists, especially in the Célé valley.
At the end of the afternoon, it was Mayoress Marie-Laure Le Fourn herself who continued these tours. Indeed, the bridge has been (completely) closed to all pedestrian traffic, but also to motorized or non-motorized two-wheelers, as well as on the banks of the Célé and the road Monclar de la Combe de Valls. “If hikers get stuck I left my number so they can call me. I will help them cross by car to avoid further bites,” she explained yesterday.

Inexplicable aggression

In the afternoon an insecticide spraying campaign took place as the bees were too aggressive to allow a beekeeper to intervene. Last night the swarm was not completely destroyed. “It will be done overnight. At the moment the insects are too scattered. With the chill of the evening, they will regain momentum and firefighters will be able to spray and eradicate the swarm again,” the mayor of Cabrerets said again.
In order to intervene, the firefighters had to equip themselves with reinforced beekeeping suits. Several of them were stung during the procedure, but not seriously.
All pedestrian activities on the bridge are prohibited within a 200 meter radius of the bridge until Monday noon. This also affects canoes and kayaks that can travel on the Célé River.
The phenomenon and the aggressiveness of the bees remain unexplained.

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