Maestro Kristofer forced to leave set, the unlikely reason

Don’t forget the lyrics is a flagship cultural program of French television hosted by Nagui. The success of the program lies in its concept, but also in the personality of the accepted candidates. The current maestro is called Kristofer and the month we can tell is that he doesn’t miss an opportunity to surprise the show’s host.

The April 11 issue was marked by the candidate’s low urgency. Seized by an urgent desire, the young man suddenly left the stage. This forced Mélanie Page’s husband to set up the conversation until his return. This unusual event amused the host.

Kristofer, an atypical candidate

animating Don’t forget the lyrics Nagui used to see all colors, but with this one he’s pretty sure he didn’t see it coming. It’s not the first time the young Belgian has caught the eye. In fact, the law student has the habit of delighting us with anecdotes as funny as the others. Which is not done to displease the host, the audience and the spectators.

One day, Kristofer shared about meeting a singer… in the bathroom. It was a certain Patrick Bruel. He even added that when he went out, his dad insisted on capturing the moment with a photo. An anecdote that made the host uncomfortable.

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This is what the relationship between the two men boils down to. Nagui is often unsettled by the stories his champion tells. It’s also been a while since a contestant made such a big impact on the show. Which is not bad for France Télévisions viewership.

At the second show finale when Kristofer sang Hands up (of the Ottawa band) he did it in a rather unique way. In fact, in the middle of his performance, the maestro addressed Mélanie Page’s husband and quoted the words as if addressing the latter.

“I have come to the conclusion that you are the love of my life (…) at night I dream of you in my bed,” he sang, looking into the eyes of Nina’s father, Adrien, Roxane and Annabel.

Nagui struggled to hide his astonishment that day. The 60-year-old host couldn’t help but laugh. At the end of Kristofer’s performance, Nagui responded by saying he experienced “that moment in a weird way.” That was definitely when he realized he had a colorful personality to handle on set.

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Kristofer suddenly leaves the set

In Don’t forget the lyrics, the Maestro defends his title every day. On Monday, April 11th, it was Mylène’s turn to challenge Kristofer. But during the show, the young law student couldn’t stand still. When his competitor introduced himself, he paced back and forth.

Seeing the young man thinking in all directions, Nagui becomes angered and breaks off his conversation with the var candidate. So he joins Kristofer in humorously asking him if he has an urgent request.

If he thought he was probably joking when talking about taking a pee break, turns out he really was:

“Excuse me, excuse me ten seconds. Do you have to pee Kristofer? »

“Yes really! It’s true! I’m sorry! »

Kristofer then slips into the toilet to relieve himself. Surprised, the mediator tries to set things up somehow while waiting for his return. So he approaches Mylène to calmly continue their discussion.

The candidate of the day even tried to take advantage of the situation. “Anyone who goes hunting loses his place,” she says. Nagui has it, of course; recorded in a joking tone. Nobody knows what the Maestro was doing in the toilets, but the Belgian knew how to wait. Back again, the show resumed its run as if nothing had happened.

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