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“Madame Biebl, we are sorry, but we will not be returning after this evening.” In recent times, the regulars have often said goodbye to Ricarda Biebl (49) in the “Schipperhus”. This is why the owner is now pulling the emergency brake: children under twelve are no longer allowed in her restaurant!

A culture war is raging in the Baltic Sea resort of Dierhagen on the Darß: customers who want to eat well in the restaurant in the evening in peace – against parents who want it too, with their children.

Rustic: In the

Rustic: In the “Schipperhus” mainly fish is served, e.g. B. plaice, zander and cichlid

The owner of the “Schipperhus”, one of the oldest houses in the city, remembers a typical evening: “We were full. Regulars sat at a table next to a couple from Munich. He was a doctor, he was about 50 years old. Her child was three years old. After covering our walls with crayons, he walked barefoot on the table with sandy legs and threw pasta with tomato sauce against the wall.

The request to arrest the child was not well received. “We were grossly insulted – as is always the case when we say something.”

Since then, it’s been clear to Ricarda Biebl: “I’ve watched this long enough.” A notice and information on the restaurant’s website advises customers: “Due to many unpleasant events in the past, we have decided not to take families with children under 12 years old to accommodate.”

Clear announcement in the window: unfortunately children under the age of twelve must stay outside

Clear announcement in the window: unfortunately children under the age of twelve must stay outside

The owner, who has four children herself: “I was very afraid to take that step – although hotels for adults or spa areas from the age of 16 are the most normal thing in the world. The big problem, It’s not the kids, it’s the parents! There are only a few who really care about their kids’ education. Most of them sat here and stared at the phone while their children ran screaming through the place.

Ricarda Biebl’s decision has consequences. Negative reviews and insults rain down on the Internet. One writes, of course without a name: “Unfortunately, the Schipperhus did not score with me. Roesti, frozen red cabbage and Savoy. Deer goulash and tasteless potatoes.

TK stands for frozen food, the maximum sentence for high-end gastronomy. And further: “If I had known in advance that children and dogs are undesirable, I would not have visited the restaurant at all.”

Comments like this are piling up on social media.  Someone who is upset about the ban on children's prints:

Comments like this are piling up on social media. Someone who is upset by the ban on children’s prints: “Heat the kitchen!”

Owner Ricarda Biebl with her husband Stefan:

Owner Ricarda Biebl with her husband Stefan: “The children are not the problem, but the parents.”

Hostess: “Dogs are allowed in the restaurant. They don’t misbehave.” Her husband Stefan Biebl-Piesker (44), cook at “Schipperhus”: “Anonymous hatred is hard to bear. We are insulted as racists, as child haters. One of them asked how our business survived – if we still go shopping at night.

There is not only criticism because of the ban on children, but also praise. Some customers only come back because they can eat quietly in the evening. Among them are parents who then bring their children to Grandma. “But very few write that publicly.”

There are a few bars in town that treat things the same way, says the owner: “But they avoid confrontation. They prefer to say that everything is reserved when a family with young children wants to have dinner after a long day at the beach.

Ostseebad Dierhagen: children are not allowed in this restaurant
Photo: BILD

Today, she understands, says the native of Rostock. In 2018, she bought the “Schipperhus”, which specializes in fish dishes. Now she is considering a sale. Tired of the culture war around kids.

“I worked in the restaurant business for 27 years before going into self-employment, so I had a lot of experience. are well behaved and kind parents.

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