Paul Auster: the son of a star author arrested for manslaughter

Shock for Paul Auster (75)! The world-renowned writer has been mourning the loss of her granddaughter for almost six months. The only 10-month-old Ruby is said to have died in terrible circumstances. Apparently, Auster’s son is responsible for her death, as it now turns out!

According to the New York Post, Daniel Auster (44) was arrested Friday night in the Brooklyn neighborhood of New York. The charge: manslaughter and negligent homicide.

There are disturbing details that the New York police are calling out. Daniel Auster reportedly kept his daughter at his apartment in Bergen Street (Brooklyn) on the evening of November 1 when an emergency call arrived. Emergency services found Ruby still unconscious, but the baby eventually died in hospital.

An autopsy later revealed why the girl had died: heroin and fentanyl were found in her blood!

It’s still unclear how the drugs got into Ruby’s body. Daniel is believed to have given her the fatal overdose. He is currently being held in Brooklyn Criminal Court.

Neighbors told The Post that Auster was always affectionate with his daughter when he took her for walks.

But one day, the toys suddenly ended up in front of the house for everyone to take with them. Then they realized that Ruby was dead. “It was heartbreaking,” said one resident.

Parents of Daniel Paul Auster and his wife Siri HustvedtFoto: picture alliance / DN

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Daniel’s father, Paul Auster, and his wife Siri HustvedtPhoto: photo alliance / DN

Daniel’s father, Paul, is one of the most renowned authors in the United States. His greatest works include the “New York Trilogy”, “In Flames” and “Leviathan”. Auster is also making waves in Germany, in 2021 the star author was a guest on the hit “Zeit” podcast “Everything said”.

This is actually not the first time his son has been linked to a crime. In 1998, Daniel, then 20, made headlines when he was sentenced to five years probation. He previously took $3,000 from the scene of a murdered drug dealer in New York.

However, Daniel would have taken a life himself: that of his own daughter.

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