Pittsburgh (USA): Shots fired at the Airbnb party! Death of two American teenagers

Alarm amok at a party in the American metropolis of Pittsburgh!

At least two youths were shot dead during a celebration with around 200 people, mostly minors, on Sunday evening.

Some of the guests jumped out of first floor windows and injured themselvesFoto: @julianrouth/Twitter

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Some of the guests jumped out of first floor windows and injured themselvesPhoto: @julianrouth/Twitter

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported that the party took place in a house rented on the Airbnb portal.

Suddenly, shots were fired! At least 50 bullets were fired, according to local authorities. The sad results of this night of celebration initially watered: ten people were injured by gunshots, two of whom died in hospital.

While fleeing from the perpetrator or perpetrators, several young people jumped out of the windows of the house, some of them suffered broken bones and lacerations.

Police crime scene investigatorsFoto: Gene J. Puskar/dpa

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Police crime scene investigators Photo: Gene J. Puskar/dpa

The revelers filmed the situation

The dramatic minutes are captured in a live stream on Facebook by a guest. In the video, one of the visitors screams in fear: “He has a gun! Shortly after, several rapid gunshots are heard. Lots of guests are rushing out of the house, crowded and screaming.

A car parked near the house was also hit by bulletsFoto: Shane Dunlap/AP

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A car parked near the house was also hit by bulletsPhoto: Shane Dunlap/AP

The background of the fact is still completely blurred. There was no information about an arrest until Sunday afternoon (German time).

A local resident called the party to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette “chaos.” Around 11 p.m., cars flooded the streets. Outside the Airbnb house, guests had lined up and waited to be admitted, said Mitchell Wilston (30).

The neighbor continued: “It was like in a club. There were clearly minors at the party. “These kids looked like they were 14,” Wilston says.

Shootings have broken out in Pittsburgh in recent weeks. The incident at the party was the fourth in 30 hours. Mayor Ed Gainey (52) spoke of a “pandemic of gun violence” at the end of March. Their containment is the top priority of his administration.

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