Rising energy prices: Majority of Germans want speed limit

Rising energy prices
Most Germans want a speed limit

The result of the survey is clear: a speed limit in Germany would meet with the approval of a large part of the population. There are more women who support speed limits on highways. When it comes to age, there is one group in particular that clearly supports a speed limit.

According to a poll, the majority of Germans are in favor of a speed limit of 130 km/h on motorways in the context of rising energy prices. In a YouGov survey, 57% of respondents agreed and 33% said they were against a speed limit. 10% were undecided.

According to the survey, most supporters of a speed limit are among supporters of the Greens (87%), followed by those of the SPD (72%). Most opponents of a speed limit are FDP supporters, 52% of whom expressed a negative view.

According to the survey, women are more in favor of a speed limit than men (62% against 52%). Moreover, according to the survey, older people are more in favor of a speed limit than younger people. In the 60-69 age group, 61% were in favor of the speed limit, in the 18-29 age group it was 47%.

Lindner criticizes the “symbolic debate”

The FDP in particular strongly opposes a speed limit. Federal Finance Minister and FDP leader Christian Lindner only said this week that, despite the necessary energy savings, he would continue to fight against a general speed limit on the motorways. “The climate impact would be marginal,” Lindner said, referring to a “symbolic debate.” “I can only caution against wanting to use the argument of war to challenge the agreements of the coalition agreement. It will get us nowhere.” In the coalition agreement of the traffic light parties SPD, Greens and FDP it says under pressure from the Liberals: “There will be no general speed limit.”

However, due to the Russian attack on Ukraine, more and more people are calling for such a speed limit to protect the climate and, thanks to the savings in fuel consumption, to become independent of Russian oil more quickly.

Economists had recently recommended driving more slowly, carpooling and using local public transport more often. Within the traffic light government, the Greens in particular are pushing for a general speed limit on the motorways.

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