Rudy Gobert still snubbed in Game 1, almost never seen!

When the Jazz traveled to Dallas for Game 1, he defeated the Texans, but he was in pain. Donovan Mitchell woke up Returning from the dressing room while snubbing an otherwise superb Rudy Gobert on defense. The Frenchman was completely ignored in this attacking game – enough to raise questions…

The playoffs started well this Saturday night with a Jazz win over the Mavericks, 99-93. A nice win for Quin Snyder’s men but in the absence of pain against a Dallas team Luke Doncic. Donovan Mitchell is doing well with 32 points in the end, even if he’s watered down well with 29 tries. The worst ? He was only 2 units away at halftime.

The Rudy Gobert problem continues with jazz

If Spida started the machine, Rudy Gobert (who shook the USA with his defensive performance) was completely ignored offensively in this game. One, in 35 minutes of play, is the number of shots attempted by the Frenchman in that game 1. He finished his match with 17 rebounds, a defensive presence at all times… but 5 small points.

Spida and the others made no move to include their big man, who spent much of the evening shaking his arms in the Texan bat to no avail. Because make no mistake: this new snob is not insignificant. We’re still talking about an extremely rare lineage, and not in a good way.

Rudy Gobert becomes the first player since Bismack Biyombo (2015) to finish with exactly 0 successful shots on a single try while playing more than 35 minutes and hitting 15 rebounds in a playoff game.

Very sad play for Rudy Gobert in attack who is still being snubbed by Donovan Mitchell and co. Without complaining, the French held the barracks in defense with a great performance, especially in the second half. But it’s difficult not to be disappointed in the face of repeated failures by his teammates in attack. To monitorโ€ฆ

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