Sigmar Gabriel criticizes the Ukrainian ambassador Andriy Melnyk: “Malicious”

The Ukrainian ambassador sharply criticized the Federal President for his policy towards Russia. That’s when Sigmar Gabriel steps in: the former foreign minister vehemently disagrees with Melnyk.

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Former Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel (SPD) accuses Ukraine and its ambassador Andriy Melnyk of using “conspiracy theories” to discredit Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier. The fact that Melnyk claimed that Steinmeier had once created a “spider’s web” of contacts with Russia is a misrepresentation that must be contradicted.

“Cobwebs are known to be used to catch and then use prey,” writes Gabriel in a guest article for “Spiegel” magazine. “In a nutshell, this comparison suggests that the former chancellery and foreign minister helped organize the representation of Russian interests in Germany. This is false and malicious.”

Ukraine’s ambassador to Berlin, Andriy Melnyk, had previously criticized Steinmeier for having a highly questionable political affinity with Russia. Learn more here.

Gabriel defends Steinmeier

In the article, Gabriel vehemently defends Steinmeier’s legacy and criticizes the Federal President’s recent invitation as “unprecedented”. As foreign minister, Steinmeier did more than anyone in Europe to support Ukraine. In retrospect, it was “downright absurd” to “critically criticize” Germany’s earlier diplomatic efforts.

Gabriel also thinks that Steinmeier’s philosophy is correct in the current situation. According to the former SPD leader, the reality is “that foreign policy and diplomacy cannot be replaced by tanks and missiles in the long run”. War is now also the “day after”.

Gabriel also responded to a “Spiegel” guest post from Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba, who had filed a lawsuit over Berlin’s stronger leadership in Europe. Germany stands in full solidarity with Ukraine. “Demanding Germany’s leadership role, as demanded by Foreign Minister Kuleba, cannot mean that this role will only be accepted if Germany embraces all of Ukraine’s demands and its own considerations are discredited. as “hesitant” and too “friendly” towards Russia”.

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