Son (13) taken away in handcuffs – walker finds dead woman (51) in sports bag

She lived with a fancy house, her husband, two children and a family dog ​​in New York.

New York – At around 8 a.m. (local time) Saturday morning, a man and his dogs were walking in the New York neighborhood of Queens. The Rhodesian Ridgebacks dragged their owner to a duffel bag parked by the side of the road. Then the terrible discovery! According to the New York Post, the man opened the black bag and found a woman’s body placed in a fetal position.

“But to me it looked like a mannequin,” he told the newspaper. “She didn’t look very fleshy. More like a crash test dummy. I thought maybe it was a device used for something. I didn’t think of it.” But then the walker dialed 911.

On the Internet, the mother showed many photos of herself on the trip.  Why did the 51-year-old have to die?Foto: Facebook

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On the Internet, the mother showed many photos of herself on the trip. Why did the 51-year-old have to die?Picture: Facebook

Officers rushed to the scene of the crime. After they arrived, the dog’s owner wanted to take his animals home and then make a statement. But things turned out differently! On the way back, the dogs followed a trail, dragging their master behind them. The path led to a place about 90 meters away – there were fresh bloodstains on the asphalt. Police sniffer dogs followed the trail to a middle-class Juno Street home.

Tote was considered a loving mother

It quickly turned out that the person who died from the sports bag was 51-year-old Orsolya G. She would have lived with her children (13, 17) and her husband in the house where the trail led. Neighbors describe her as a mother who spent a lot of time with her children. According to the New York Post, the family seemed friendly and had lived in the upscale neighborhood for about nine years.

It is still unclear how the mother of two died. Was there an ongoing family drama? Neighbors said the deceased’s 13-year-old son was taken away in handcuffs. A coroner will investigate the cause of death while police continue their investigation. “Something is off. But there are cameras along the way,” a source told the New York Post. And about a possible suspect: “You will show whether it is an adult or a child.” Now the dead person’s phone is being evaluated by specialists.

A neighbor told CBS News, “She really loved life.”

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