The AfD shows the parishes because of the ringing of the bells

Demonstrators stand on the sidelines of the AfD’s election campaign in Gelsenkirchen on April 9. In the background are the Evangelical and Catholic churches.
Image: dpa

Because the churches allegedly disrupted a party campaign event with their constant ringing of bells, the AfD reported two communities. The ringing was no coincidence.

DAccording to an article in the regional newspaper “WAZ”, the AfD in Gelsenkirchen denounced a Protestant parish and a Catholic parish because of the constant ringing of bells during an election campaign event. A police spokesperson for “WAZ” said the announcement would now be sent to the prosecution for review.

At the start of the AfD’s election campaign in North Rhine-Westphalia about a week ago in Gelsenkirchen, the bells of the two steeples near the square rang constantly. The dpa news agency confirmed the incident. At least in the case of the Emmaus Evangelical Congregation, the ringing of the bell was no coincidence: they had previously invited people to the “Ring and Pray” event via Facebook, which was officially announced as a “protest event against hate speech and exclusion”. ”.

The local AfD politician, who had recorded the event with parliamentary group leader Alice Weidel, based his WAZ announcement on paragraph 21 of the Assembly Act. Accordingly, one should not “frustrate” “unprohibited meetings or elevators” or cause “gross disturbance”. At the AfD event with around 150 people there was also a counter-demonstration with over 100 participants.

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