“The farmer is looking for a wife”: This is how record farmer Björn works in love – TV

Has he finally found the needle in the haystack?

During the last season of “Bauer sucht Frau”, no one was as enthusiastic as agricultural engineer Björn Diefenbach (32). But that only broke out with him away from the TV cameras. In a previous dome show special, host Inka Bause (53) wanted to know what happened to the romance on Sunday night.

At the time, Björn had invited two women to Hofwoche. But neither masseuse Dani (36) nor project developer Kathrin (35) managed to win her heart. At the big reunion, he hinted, “I’m still single but I met someone. It could be something.”

At the barn festival, Björn met Michelle, Valeria, Vanessa, Dani and Kathrin (left to right).  Dani and Kathrin made him curious and went to HofwocheFoto: TVNOW

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At the barn festival, Björn met Michelle, Valeria, Vanessa, Dani and Kathrin (left to right). Dani and Kathrin made him curious and went to HofwochePhoto: TVNOW

The beautiful farmer’s wife is taken

A lot has happened in the meantime. Bjorn’s relationship status has changed as he reveals to professional matchmaker Inka. Björn happily told him: “It has now become something solid – on both sides.”

At first, his lady-in-waiting was not at all enthusiastic about him taking part in “Bauer sucht Frau”. “She didn’t want a famous boy. She doesn’t want to be on TV either,” explains the amateur musician.

Nevertheless, he stayed on the ball and showed him he was serious. The future lawyer comes from the Aachen region and is currently taking her state exam. Björn’s nickname for her: Lexi. Curiously, Inka wanted to know: “What do you like about her? The farmer couldn’t help but rave about it. “What I love about her is her sincere nature. She’s total love, but she’s not boring either. That’s very important to me.”

The couple plans the future together. Björn: “I hope she will move here soon or at least nearby. I think it’s looking pretty good.”

His parents are just as enthusiastic about the young woman as he is. Björn’s mum: “She fits in very well in our family. And she’s good for him too.” And her dad revealed, “He’s always really nervous when they say Lexi is coming.” Maybe the wedding bells will ring soon.

Agricultural engineer Björn is not only handsome, but also musicalFoto: Malte Krudewig

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Agricultural engineer Björn is not only handsome, but also musicalPhoto: Malta Krudewig

Their love is still fresh

Mathias (33), an organic farmer, is also far from the market. His Sabrina (35), met at the Hofwoche, has just moved to Bavaria with him. “It’s good to have the person you love close to you every day,” rejoices the television farmer.

Candidate Nils (34) and bridesmaid Vanessa are still in a long-distance relationship, but they are already doing their job. She said proudly, “While on vacation, he proposed to me.” Since then, an engagement ring has shone on her hand. The lovebirds want to get married as soon as possible.

Wanted and Found: Vanessa and NilsFoto: RTL/friese.tv/Andreas Fr

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Wanted and Found: Vanessa and NilsPhoto: RTL/friese.tv/Andreas Fr

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