“The Masked Singer”: It was “humiliating” for Jasna Fritzi Bauer

Updated on 04/17/2022 at 12:28 p.m.

  • During the semi-finals of the current season “The Masked Singer”, two costumes had to remove their masks.
  • Jasna Fritzi Bauer and Rúrik Gíslason emerged from under the starfish and the gorilla.
  • Bauer in particular found a “degrading” thing.

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In the semi-finals of the current season of “The Masked Singer”, there were two revelations on Saturday night (April 16). Jasna Fritzi Bauer and Rúrik Gíslason emerged. “It was really humbling,” Bauer describes with a laugh as she puts on her starfish costume after leaving. In an interview with ProSieben, the actress explained that she had to climb while lying down and get hoisted. She then had her hair done – also with help.

The same procedure when undressing. She always made sure no one touched her. Because under the creation with pink sequins it was “very, very hot” and she was “sweating madly”. In other words, “That was really disgusting!”

Rúrik Gíslason: The gorilla costume is starting to stink

Rúrik Gíslason, who was also unmasked in the semi-finals, had similar experiences. His gorilla costume is slowly starting to stink, the Icelandic ex-footballer told ProSieben after his release. He is now looking forward to “putting on his own clothes”.

But Bauer and Gíslason don’t want to miss the experience with “The Masked Singer.” They especially liked to sing. “I love to sing,” said Bauer, who has performed in musicals before. Gíslason also “really enjoyed singing”. So much so that he plans to continue making music. “I would like to know more,” he said. He might take singing lessons.

‘The Masked Singer’ Jury Tapped On These Stars

The moment the covers fell was preceded by a guessing game. The consulting team built around Ruth Moschner and Rea Garvey was supported by musician Nico Santos in the semi-finals of the sixth season of “The Masked Singer” (always on Saturdays, from 8:15 p.m. on ProSieben and Joyn).

When the gorilla performed The Backstreet Boys’ “I Want It That Way,” Moschner could imagine both Rúrik Gíslason and actor Heiner Lauterbach. Due to the great dance performance, however, Santos said Detlef D! Soost stuck in the gorilla costume. Garvey also found the gorilla to be a great dancer, but with whom the “left and right” tones land the more he moves – his advice: Klaas Heufer-Umlauf.

The starfish performed “Starlight” by Muse. Garvey had no idea, but considered Saturday night’s starfish performance the most successful of the season so far. Santos heard a “soul voice” that could belong to influencer Bianca Claßen. Moschner considered actresses Andrea Sawatzki or Esther Schweins possible, moderator Matthias Opdenhövel also brought up the idea of ​​spectator Katja Riemann. After the starfish’s second performance with Barbra Streisand’s “Don’t Rain On My Parade”, Jasna Fritzi Bauer’s name also came up.

In the final on Saturday (April 23) are the disco ball, the orc, the zebra and the thorny devil.
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For Galax’Sis, the journey “The Masked Singer” after episode 4 is unfortunately over. The guessing team wasn’t quite sure until the very end. No one less than Joana Zimmer hid behind the mask. So Rea Garvey is right again. © ProSiebenSat.1

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