The plane turns around mid-flight, the airport is closed… A Nice-Luxembourg, which took off 2 hours late, finally lands in Lyon

Johanna Cappellacci, a 23-year-old from Nice, got off to a bad start over the Easter weekend. As for all other passengers on the Nice-Luxembourg flight scheduled for this Friday at 19:35. And who finally ended up in… Lyon around 11pm!

A trip that prompted the young woman to challenge the Volotea airline on her Twitter account in the face of the challenge “little information” from which the passengers benefited.

“The plane turns around and we are told that Luxembourg airport is closed”

Johanna Cappellacci, available by phone this Saturday, says: “While we were waiting in front of the boarding gate in Nice, there was an announcement that our flight was delayed by 1h15. There were no further explanations.”

“Boarding started at 8:45 p.m. but was suspended. We then waited 20 minutes on the plane before taking off because we missed the slot.”rewinds the Niçoise.

Before proceeding: “We started around 9:30 p.m. An hour after departure the plane turned around and we were informed that Luxembourg airport was closed. We ended up in Lyon.”

“We received a message from Volotea that everything is being done to bring us to our destination. On site we waited 1:30 a.m. for further information.”

“At one o’clock in the morning we were shown to a hotel. At the hotel we were told that posters would be put up in the corridors to keep us informed of developments.”

“In the middle of the night we learned from the posters that there was a meeting point in front of the hotel for 10 am. Volotea texted us in the morning to let us know. The bus arrived at 10:30 this Saturday.

balance sheet? A shortened weekend, hours in transport, an arrival (by bus) at Luxembourg Airport on Saturday at 18:45 and “a group of passengers who will file a complaint” against the company.

Incidents, curfew: Volotea reacts

The company Volotea was contacted this Saturday and explained: “Despite the operational safeguard mechanism in place, the company had to cancel some of its flights and suffered delays due to incidents unrelated to the strike movement.”

This is the case for the Nice-Luxembourg flight, which was unable to reach its destination due to “the curfew imposed by Luxembourg Airport” to avoid noise pollution at night.

So the plane didn’t do it “didn’t have permission” land in the capital and turn back.

To the question: why did the plane fly to Luxembourg anyway, knowing that there is a curfew and the flight time is only an hour and a half? The Spanish low-cost company was unable to respond.

Volotea therefore offered itself “The hotel accommodation including breakfast for all passengers and provided buses to reach Luxembourg the next morning”.

The company concludes its response with the presentation “Sorry for this inconvenience”.

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