With the Galaxy A53 5G, Samsung has presented a new mid-range smartphone that has a really reasonable price-performance ratio. With the discontinuation of the 4G version of the Galaxy A53, there is now a void that the Galaxy A33 5G fills perfectly. The name and the predecessor should not be confused. This smartphone is a real value for money.

A commentary by Peter Hryciuk

First of all: The Samsung Galaxy A53 5G is a very good smartphone at the price of 449 euros (see Amazon). But not everyone wants to spend so much on a mid-range smartphone, which is why the Galaxy A52 with a 4G modem for 349 euros at the time was often the smarter choice. But that’s now gone, as the A53 is only available with a 5G modem. And right there the Samsung Galaxy A33 5G at 369 euros comes into play.

Samsung Galaxy A33 on par with the Galaxy A53

Do not make the mistake of deducing from Galaxy A32 to Galaxy A33 5G. The new generation is a completely new smartphone that has been properly upgraded. Basically, all the criticisms we had while testing the Galaxy A32 have been eliminated. These include the most important points:

  • Display: Instead of a low resolution LC display, the Samsung Galaxy A33 5G has a Super AMOLED panel with Full HD+ resolution that runs at 90Hz. It should also be much brighter, so it can also be well read outside. Here the A33 and A53 are at the same level, so you get 120Hz with the big brother.
  • Performance : Just like the Galaxy A53, Samsung’s Exynos 1280 processor is also installed in the A33. Performance should be high accordingly. There’s also 6GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage, which can be expanded if needed.
  • Battery: Like the Galaxy A53, the A33 has a 5,000 mAh battery installed. The runtime should be even longer due to the 90 Hz display. Here, too, the battery can be charged quickly with 25 watts. A power supply is not included with both smartphones.
  • Software: With the Galaxy A33 you have absolutely no disadvantages in terms of software. All important features, such as night mode, are also available here. There are also four new versions of Android and five years of security updates. Anyone who buys the mobile phone has many years of peace.
  • IP67: Even with the Galaxy A33, you don’t have to worry about your smartphone’s safety when it’s raining. Like the A53, the smartphone is protected against water and dust thanks to the IP67 certification.

Where is the Samsung Galaxy A33 submitted to the A53?

You can only say that exactly after a test, because the The biggest differences are in the cameras. Those of the Galaxy A33 have a slightly lower resolution than the Galaxy A53. But that doesn’t necessarily mean the pictures or videos are much worse. Otherwise, there is a visual difference. With the Galaxy A33 you get a notch in the screen for the front camera, while Samsung uses a punch-hole camera with a hole in the screen for the Galaxy A53.

Conclusion: The Samsung Galaxy A33 5G should not be underestimated

So if you’re a little hesitant right now and don’t want to buy the Galaxy A53 5G on April 1st at the price of 449 euros because it’s too expensive for you, then you can wait a bit and reach for the Galaxy A33 5G on April 22 without a guilty conscience. With the Galaxy A53 you get free earphones for pre-order. This mitigates the higher price a bit. However, I currently find the Galaxy A33 5G to be Samsung’s most interesting mid-range cellphone. Over time, the price of both smartphones will drop, and then the price difference may melt. At the latest, the tide will turn.