Ukraine surprises “incompetence”: the head of the secret service blasphemes against the Russian army

Ukraine surprises “incompetence”
Intelligence chief blasphemes Russian army

After the withdrawal of Russian troops from the kyiv region, the head of the Ukrainian military intelligence service barely hides his astonishment. He wonders “how incompetent and negligent the military leadership in Moscow was” in planning and carrying out the operation.

Almost two months into the Russian invasion, Russian President Vladimir Putin’s plans have not changed. “The purpose of the military aggression remained the same: it is an operation aimed at destroying the Ukrainian state. Ukraine should cease to exist as a state,” said Kyrylo Budanov, head of of the Ukrainian military intelligence service, in Der Spiegel.

When asked why Russia decided to completely withdraw its troops from the Kyiv region, Budanov replied: “They didn’t just withdraw – we drove them out of the Kyiv region. It started when we took over the town of Irpin. forces in two in the kyiv region.

He is not surprised at the failure of the initial Russian plan to conquer kyiv – but he is surprised by something else: “How incompetently and negligently the Russian commanders approached the implementation of an operation of a such scale. If they really believed they were done in three days – and as far as we know they were adamant about that – then Russia’s leaders must be wondering how competent their generals are. »

The major general, who is currently seeing the main battles between Kharkov and Mykolaiv, repeated the Ukrainian government’s demand for weapons from Germany: “We need artillery systems – the German army is particularly strong in this domain. And unfortunately we need tanks because we have suffered a lot. heavy losses in armored vehicles.” The Ukrainian army wants to use weapons to liberate occupied territories – including Crimea, which Russia annexed in 2014. Budanov sees no problem in training Ukrainian soldiers on the Leopard tank , for example, “We’ll learn this quickly. With all due respect, this isn’t high-level math.”

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