Ukraine War in Live Ticker: +++ 02:25 Özdemir demands more weapons for Ukraine due to possible hunger crisis +++

Ukrainian War in Live Ticker
+++ 02:25 Özdemir demands more weapons for Ukraine due to possible hunger crisis +++

Food and Agriculture Minister Cem Özdemir is pushing for increased arms deliveries to Ukraine to avert a global food crisis. “We are receiving alarming news from Ukraine, where Russian troops are apparently also deliberately destroying agricultural infrastructure and supply chains,” the Greens politician told newspapers from the Funke media group. This could have long-term effects on the performance of Ukrainian agriculture and therefore on global supply. “That is why it is so important for the West to support Ukraine with more effective weapons – and Germany should be no exception. Putin’s ‘starvation strategy’ is particularly affected by African countries, where many people are already eating too little,” said the Minister.

+++ 01:49 Ukraine: About 1450 people brought from disputed areas +++
According to Ukrainian reports, around 1,450 people were brought to safety from disputed areas of the country on Saturday. About 1,380 people have arrived in the city of Zaporizhia from several towns in the south and east of the country, including 170 from the hotly contested port city of Mariupol, the president’s office announced on Telegram on Saturday. 68 people were taken from three towns in the Luhansk region “under constant fire”. An evacuation of the town of Lysychansk in the region was foiled due to “heavy shelling”.

+++ 01:17 Russia issues ultimatum to Ukrainian fighters in Mariupol +++
The Russian Defense Ministry grants life to Ukrainian forces in Mariupol if they surrender, according to a news channel. “We guarantee that the lives of all who lay down their arms will be spared,” TASS news agency quoted Russian Colonel Mikhail Mizintsev as saying. The remaining fighters in the besieged Azowstal factory are addressed. According to the proposed deal, they must leave the power plant unarmed between 6 a.m. and 1 p.m. Moscow time (5 a.m. and 12 p.m. CET). From kyiv there is no immediate reaction to the offer.

+++ 00:47 Zelenskyj: The situation in Mariupol is “simply inhumane” +++
According to President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the situation in the besieged Ukrainian port of Mariupol remains extremely serious. The situation is also “simply inhumane,” says Zelenskyj in his evening video speech. He accused Moscow of deliberately trying to eliminate everyone there. Zelenskyy did not provide any information on the situation of the Ukrainian armed forces in the city. According to Russian information, all remaining Ukrainian fighters have now holed up in the Azovstal steelworks. In order to influence the situation in Mariupol, continues Zelenskyy, there are only two possibilities. Either Ukraine’s partner countries immediately provided all the necessary heavy weapons, including aircraft, to ease the pressure on the city and unblock it. The second track is a negotiation track in which the partners must also play a significant role.

+++ 00:16 Von Der Leyen demands rapid delivery of heavy and light weapons from EU countries +++
European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen calls on EU countries to quickly deliver arms to Ukraine. “For all member states, those who can must deliver quickly, because only then can Ukraine hold its own in its fierce defensive struggle against Russia,” von der Leyen told “Bild am Sonntag”. “I don’t differentiate between heavy and light weapons. Ukraine must receive what it needs to defend itself and what it can handle.” The President of the European Commission is preparing European citizens for a long military conflict: “We must do everything to end it as soon as possible. And at the same time, we have to be prepared for the fact that, in the worst case, the war can last for months or even years. »

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+++ 23:46 German term “Putinversteher” gets English Wikipedia entry +++
According to a Deutsche Welle Twitter post, the word “Putin understands” is increasingly being used in countries other than Germany. It became internationally known in 2014 when Russia annexed Ukraine’s Crimean peninsula. Now the trend continues. According to Deutsche Welle, the debate over the links between Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier and Russian President Putin and the Kremlin leadership also contributed to this. The term even recently got an English Wikipedia entry.

+++ 11:11 p.m. Pope turns to Mayor of Melitopol: “We all pray with you and for you” +++
The Easter Vigil was celebrated in St. Peter’s Basilica with an atmospheric celebration to commemorate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. At the end of the sermon, Pope Francis reached a moving climax when he addressed Ivan Fedorov, the mayor of the southern Ukrainian city of Melitopol, who was a guest in the front row. “We all pray with you and for you,” says Francis, “in this darkness where you live, the darkness of war, of cruelty.” He encourages the Ukrainians. Fedorov was kidnapped by the Russians during the war and only released in a prisoner exchange. He was invited to the Vatican with parliamentarians. Francis concluded his homily with the phrase “Christ is risen” in Ukrainian.

+++ 22:30 Selenskyj insists on faster arms deliveries for Ukraine +++

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy calls for more speed in arms deliveries to his country. “From the moment they say we have decided to supply weapons to Ukraine until our armed forces receive the weapons, it can take two to three weeks,” the head of state said in an interview for Ukrainian media on the Internet. The process takes too long, according to Selenskyj. “What do you bet we will fight for months or years? Nevertheless, Ukraine is receiving weapons, Zelenskyj said. “I find little. Russia think we are getting a lot. It’s not a bad result either.” Nevertheless, Zelenskyj believes that Ukraine will not have a problem of lack of weapons in the long term: “That’s my feeling about the commitments we have”.

+++ 21:54 Russia reports downing of plane loaded with Western weapons +++
According to the Russian Defense Ministry, a Ukrainian transport plane supposed to deliver weapons to Western governments was shot down in the Odessa region. The ministry did not provide any evidence and Ukraine did not issue a statement.

+++ 21:24 The British want to deliver the promised armed vehicles in the next few days +++
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson promised Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy that armed vehicles would be delivered in the coming days. Johnson assured Selenskyj that Britain would continue to supply Ukraine with equipment to defend itself, Downing Street said in a statement on Saturday evening. The two heads of government also discussed the need for a long-term solution for Ukraine’s security. Johnson said he would work closely with partners and allies to ensure the country could defend its sovereignty in the weeks and months ahead. Johnson met Selenskyj in person in Kyiv last week.

+++ 20:51 Bloomberg: Abramovich on negotiations in kyiv +++
According to a Bloomberg report, oligarch Roman Abramovich visited Kyiv and spoke to Ukrainian stakeholders about ways to revive the stalled negotiations. The news site refers to informed circles in its report. A spokesperson for Abramovich would not comment on the matter. Among Putin’s allies, Abramovich is considered one of those who are not opposed to a diplomatic solution to the conflict.

+++ 20:18 Moscow shares video of soldiers rescued from sunken missile cruiser “Moskva” +++
After the sinking of the Russian missile cruiser “Moskva” in the Black Sea, the Ministry of Defense in Moscow released a video showing members of the crew – probably to counter reports that they could not have been rescued . In the nearly half-minute clip, dozens of young men in black uniforms can be seen – down to earth and seemingly healthy. Exactly how many there are is difficult to estimate due to edited footage. On Twitter, some users claimed that it could not be the approximately 500 crew members who were on the “Moskva” at the time of the accident. After the crash, Moscow said the crew had been evacuated before the boat sank. A spokeswoman for the forces of southern Ukraine, Natalia Humenyuk, said that Russian lifeboats could not get to the burning “Moskva” due to a storm and could not save the sailors.

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