Weather: You have to enjoy the sun, the rain will be back on Tuesday and will be for a long time

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While the map of France is almost entirely sunny for the Easter weekend, Tuesday 19 April forecasts are less encouraging in the south with rain and gray weather on the menu.

This Saturday, April 16, monthly records were broken: temperatures reached almost 30 degrees in some regions.

\ud83c\udf21 Monthly records were broken this Saturday
(preliminary Tmax at 17:00):
\u25fe\ufe0fSt-Chamas (13): 29.1°C
\u25fe\ufe0fMontarnaud (34): 29.1°C
\u25fe\ufe0fTaurinya (66): 23.9°C
? Note a very hot afternoon in Brest: 23.9°C: +11°C / normal!

\ud83d\udcf7 ploumanach (22)#participating observations

— Meteo-France (@meteofrance) April 16, 2022

#candy very enjoyable this afternoon on all of France under a #Sun Spring. The only exceptions are the Basque Country and the Brest region with clouds and almost 14°C on the thermometer.

– The Weather Channel (@lachainemeteo) April 17, 2022

These spring rays, also summery ones, should mainly continue this holiday Monday. Unfortunately, the weather in south-west France is deteriorating with cloudy or even rainy weather on the coast.

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The Weather Channel states that “Monday’s weather will deteriorate with the arrival of an Atlantic disturbance from the west. This will dip towards Spain and result in a heavy risk of rain in southern France mid-week.”

In Toulouse and the surrounding area you can usually still enjoy some clearings and pleasant temperatures between 11 and 20 degrees. Enjoy! From Tuesday, you can put away your sunglasses and take out your umbrella throughout the southern part of the territory.

Heavy showers are expected to sweep across the country, with a slight drop in temperatures. Only the north-east will be spared from this wave of bad weather. The Occitania region, on the other hand, should be completely shrouded in gray with temperatures around 17-18 degrees in the afternoon.

#weather report : announced chronicle of an inevitable deterioration next week \u26c8\ufe0f\ud83c\udf27\ufe0fFortunately, the bad weather will wait until Tuesday to spread to the south-west of France. Heavy rain may be expected in the south on Wednesday, while the northeast would remain clear.

– The Weather Channel (@lachainemeteo) April 15, 2022

The forecasts for the next two weeks remain in this trend. If confirmed, bad weather could set in by the end of April.

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