Which app for Xiaomi Mi Band 6? The best apps at a glance


The Xiaomi Mi Band 6 can be paired with your mobile phone using the Zepp Life app. If you use third-party apps, you can sometimes get a lot more out of your fitness tracker.

There are a variety of apps for the Mi Band 6. (Source: Xiaomi)

  • The Xiaomi app is called Zepp Life and is required to set up and use the fitness tracker. Some of the third-party apps also depend on it.
  • But there are other unofficial apps that you can use to unlock more features on the tracker.

Many manufacturer applications for portable devices are very limited and omit certain features. You can unlock this with a third-party app – it’s especially worth a shot with Xiaomi’s popular Mi Band 6. Below we present the best apps for the fitness tracker.

Zepp Life (formerly Mi Fit): Xiaomi’s home app

Zepp Life, formerly known as Mi Fit, is Xiaomi’s in-house app for their fitness trackers and watches. You need this application to install and configure the Mi Band 6 and to connect it to your Mi account. It is available for Android and iOS and of course free of charge.

The functionality of the app itself is adequate but not overwhelming. It shows you your health data (such as steps, heart rate, saved workouts, sleep tracking, etc.). You can also use it to configure many important functions.

Zepp Life

This Zepp Life fitness app analyzes your activities and helps you develop health-conscious lifestyle habits.

For example, you need Zepp Life for notifications to arrive on the watch. The app is constantly running in the background. In the app, you can also set which apps should show notifications on the watch.

You can also set options like call notifications, reminders, and move requests here. You can also specify how often your heart rate and stress should be measured. Fine-tuning is also possible for sleep tracking.

Notify & Fitness for Mi Band: replacement for Zepp Life, packed with features

With the “Notify & Fitness for Mi Band” app, you get an extension for your fitness tracker, in every sense of the word. You can also use the app without the official Xiaomi app, but the setup is a bit more complicated. As expected, the app walks you through the process with good explanations. Notify & Fitness is only available for Android.

to google play Download Notifier and Fitness for Mi Band*


Among other things, the app gives you much more control over your own fitness data. They can be viewed and exported over a longer period. The continuous heart rate measurement can also be adjusted – a feature that the official app lacks.

There are also many other tuning options. You can change the order of workouts in the workout menu, change the language, back up data to Google Drive and sync your health data with Google Fit – all of this is not possible with the official app.

Particularly clever: the app can compare your daily pulse and determine whether you have a fever and whether you may be suffering from Covid-19. Experts can use the app to install custom firmware. Many functions are hidden behind a Pro version which costs around two euros.

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