1: 3 from 1. FC Saarbrücken to Lautern: ‘I get the vomit’ – football

1. FC Saarbrücken wasted the last promotion chance at 1:3 at Lautern due to stupid mistakes – then went to court with themselves…

Scathing sentences after the disgraceful derby that show how FCS is doing in April 2022.

Captain Manuel Zeitz (31), who was the only outfield player to convince: “When we get 1-2, I get sick. Honestly, that’s the bad part of the game and that’s what we “We lost as players. We ruined everything, you rarely see me angry against my own team, but these goals conceded, I am at a loss for words.”


And goalkeeper Daniel Batz (30) also verbally challenged: “We were fully there after the 1-1 draw and I had a very good feeling there. Then we got two goals like that, we ran out of masculinity on the pitch in crucial situations. I don’t need eleven sons-in-law on the pitch!”


Did the FCS like the promotion too much this season?

Saarbrucken coach Uwe Koschinat hasn't won any of his key games in recent weeks.Foto: Getty Images

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Saarbrucken coach Uwe Koschinat hasn’t won any of his key games in recent weeks.Photo: Getty Images

Considering they’re ten points behind in third place and only have four games left to play, that’s completely unrealistic.

The truth also belongs: FCS could not win the games against 1860, Mannheim and Lautern, which coach Uwe Koschinat (50) said were key games, as well as the Saarland Cup against Homburg. Two draws, two painful defeats.

Again Batz: “We just can’t get that asshole mentality that Kaiserslautern display on the pitch in games like this. I’m missing a couple of people who can sometimes counter emotionally if you get kicked the face as 1:2 and 1:3.”

The call for a “warrior” is getting louder and louder. Guys like Fanol Perdedaj and Dennis Erdmann, who embodied exactly that, were let down.

Defender Steven Zellner (31): “I’m at a loss for words! It looks like we’re missing a lot of FCK. But it’s up to others to decide that and not the players. Koschinat also looked stunned: “It pisses me off, but I must and will congratulate FCK as it should be. This is how it should be.”

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