A building devastated by flames in the industrial area of ​​Satigny (GE).

A major fire broke out in Geneva’s Meyrin-Satigny industrial zone around 3:30 p.m. on Sunday. The smoke was visible from afar. The warehouse of a climbing hall collapsed. Nobody was hurt.

The 118 received an initial call at 3:38 p.m. from a couple riding on horseback, said Lieutenant Nicolas Millot, spokesman for the Geneva Fire and Rescue Service (SIS). Smoke could be seen on the roof of a building on the edge of Zimeysa (Meyrin-Satigny industrial zone).

Thanks to this warning, the company was able to immediately evacuate a climbing gym where ten people, including a child, were staying. Embers then fell onto the foam carpets of the room where the fire quickly spread and completely destroyed that part of the activity building. It also houses a five-storey car park and various types of shops.

Firefighters deployed cannon nozzles around the building to contain the fire in its initial volume and prevent it from spreading with the high winds to the entire parking lot and nearest warehouse. The fire was under control by 6:30 p.m. Protective measures have been taken to avoid pollution of the Nant d’Avril and Rhône rivers.

heavy smoke

The massive release of black smoke from the fire was visible from miles away. The SIS received more than 50 calls. Around a hundred professional firefighters from SIS and Geneva Airport, as well as volunteers from the municipalities of Satigny, Vernier and Meyrin, responded with 35 vehicles. About 20 district police officers, municipal officials and border guards cordoned off the perimeter.

The fire started from the roof of the building, which has solar panels on it. Nicolas Millot specifies that the police investigation must, however, determine the origin of the disaster. Firefighters would stay on site to fight the residual fires.

A fire has broken out in the industrial area of ​​Satigny in Geneva. [Raphaël Leroy – RTS]


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