AfD: an entrepreneur calls for a donation of 100,000 euros

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An entrepreneur claims 100,000 euros in donation to the AfD

Thuringian AfD boss Björn Höcke (left) and Berlin entrepreneur Christian Krawinkel

Thuringian AfD boss Björn Höcke (left) and Berlin entrepreneur Christian Krawinkel

Source: picture alliance/dpa/dpa-Zentralbild/Martin Schutt, picture alliance/dpa/CKV

In reaction to the government crisis in Thuringia, entrepreneur Christian Krawinkel donated 100,000 euros to the AfD – allegedly to promote democracy. Now he wants the money back because the party is not developing as he expected. The AfD wants to retaliate.

DBerlin businessman Christian Krawinkel is demanding a donation of 100,000 euros and interest to the Thuringian state association of the AfD. This is reported by the “Bild am Sonntag”. Krawinkel is said to have already filed a corresponding complaint with the Erfurt district court.

“My donation was intended to improve democracy. However, after the AfD became increasingly undemocratic and unconstitutional, it didn’t deserve my donation,” Krawinkel reportedly said.

He cited the party’s undemocratic developments since its donation in February 2020 after the government crisis in Thuringia as the reason for the lawsuit. At that time, after the regional elections, the FDP politician Thomas Kemmerich was elected Prime Minister with the votes of the AfD, which caused a political earthquake.

His election, with votes from the FDP, AfD and CDU, was seen nationwide as breaking a taboo. He resigned a few days later. The parties then agreed on Bodo Ramelow (left), who was already in power, as prime minister.

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As evidence, Krawinkel cited, among other things, the party’s observation by the Office for the Protection of the Constitution, which classified the wing around parliamentary group leader Björn Höcke (50) as a right-wing extremist. The party attempted to file a complaint, but failed in court.

Krawinkel’s lawyers also refer to anti-transgender statements made by AfD MP Beatrix von Storch (50) to Green MP Tessa Ganserer. During a debate on International Women’s Day on March 8 in the Bundestag, von Storch accused the majority of MPs of adhering to an alleged gender ideology.

“They claim gender has nothing to do with biology. And everyone can somehow determine their own sex. After that, von Storch said, “If his colleague Markus Ganserer is wearing a skirt, lipstick, heels, then it’s fine. But that’s his private business. “Biologically and legally he is and will remain a man.” And if he could enter the Bundestag as such via the green women’s quota and be listed here as a woman, then that was just illegal.

According to “Bild am Sonntag”, the AfD in Thuringia wants to keep the money and let it go to trial. The donation of the money was not affected, quoted MDR Stefan Möller, spokesman for the AfD Thuringia. This has also been legally verified.

Krawinkel says he would now prefer to help the Ukrainian refugees with the 100,000 euros.

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