Appearance of Bonez MC in Soest: Several injured

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A large contingent of police, emergency services and firefighters made their way to the Moon Club in Soest after a performance by Bonez MC on Easter Monday evening. © Daniel Schroeder

After a performance by the rapper “Bonez MC” at the Moon Club in Soest, several revelers were injured on Easter Monday evening. The rap star explained, “The situation has completely escalated.”

Soest – The ‘Bonez MC’ rapper stayed on stage at the ‘Moon Club’ in Soest for a few minutes on Easter Monday night. According to police information, pepper spray was sprayed in the club after the performance. Many of the injured had to be treated by the ambulance service and taken to hospital.

“Bonez MC” is a member of the hip-hop group “187 Strassenbande” and known for songs like “Plastic Palms”, “Without My Team” or “500 hp”. With over 10.5 million records sold, including over 10.2 million in Germany alone, he is one of the country’s most successful musicians.

Rigaring’s ‘Moon Club’ in Soest East, which only opened on March 4, announced on Instagram on Easter Sunday: ‘Today is a special night.’ Ticket sales started in early April. In videos created that night at the “Moon Club” showing the rap star’s performance, the huge rush became evident – fans moved closer to catch a glimpse of the “187” member.

After Bonez MC performance in Soest: Strangers spray pepper spray in ‘Moon Club’

The duration of the “Bonez” visit caused the disappointment of many visitors: several guests described the end of the show after about ten minutes. Shortly after 2 a.m., the evening turned into a business for the police, emergency services and firefighters: According to initial findings, pepper spray had been sprayed in the club, leading many visitors to complain of eye and respiratory irritation.

Rescuers treated several injured.
Rescuers treated several injured. © Daniel Schroeder

When the first rescuers arrived at the “Moon Club”, many people rushed towards them, coughing profusely – “there were more and more”, he said. “When the police arrived, around 300 people were found outside the building,” a police spokesman said. Consequently, a large contingent of other forces was immediately alerted. A police spokesman reported on the spot: “We were first called because a fight allegedly took place in front of the door. While our forces were still en route, it must have happened that strangers sprayed pepper spray inside the discotheque.

Injured after Bonez MC appearance: Some went to hospital themselves

At least six people were injured at the scene. However, the final number of injured is likely to be higher, as some of those affected walked about a mile and a half to Marien Hospital in Soest and went to the emergency room, our editorial team said.

“Those involved complained of burning and watering eyes and irritation of the respiratory tract. The event was sold out. Due to the presumed number of casualties, the operational signal ‘Mass Casualty Incident, Level 2’ was triggered The firefighters mainly took on organizational tasks, for example providing radio communication,” said Armin Westhoff, firefighter operations manager. The club’s internal ventilation system cleared the building of pepper spray-contaminated air, Westhoff said.

Injured after Bonez MC performance in Soest – security personnel clear ‘Moon Club’

According to the police spokesman, the “Moon Club” was cleared by club staff after the incident. Fortunately, there was no general panic. “It appeared that the evacuation had been well organised,” the police spokesman said.

Bonez MC after the performance in Soest: “Sorry to everyone who was injured”

As the large emergency services contingent arrived, “Bonez MC” posted a video to his Instagram story, filmed from the passenger seat of a high-powered vehicle. The short video shows several police and rescue vehicles and a large crowd outside the “Moon Club”. The rapper explained, “The situation got completely escalated. But anyway, definitely thank you to everyone who came out – sorry to everyone who got hurt.

Moon Club spokesperson: “We didn’t want the evening to end like this”

Alireza Zand, spokesperson for the “Moon Club” expressed his great regret in an interview with our editorial staff on Monday evening: “I am so sorry for the people and I hope that the injured are better. We did not want the evening ends like this. I hope people don’t blame us.” Zand pointed out that there were meticulous entry checks, where even bottles of perfume and deodorant had to be returned.

Did pepper spray enter the club unnoticed shortly after the fight?

The club’s spokesperson suspected that the pepper sprayer or perpetrators had entered the club in an unnoticed rushing moment during the fight that broke out on the pavement outside the club just before the incident at pepper spray. “Of course, we were briefly distracted during the fight,” Zand explained.

The police, who were on site with numerous forces from Soest, Werl and Lippstadt, have meanwhile taken over the investigation. A criminal complaint has been filed against unidentified persons for dangerous bodily harm. Witnesses should call the Soest police on 02921/91000.

While “Bonez MC” was long gone, the party continued at the Moon Club after the organizer cleaned and aired the interior.

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