Chelsea – Crystal Palace: Animal TV glitch in the FA Cup – football

Obviously someone pressed the wrong button.

Sunday’s Cup semi-final for English football fans between Chelsea and Crystal Palace (2-0) watched on television were amazed in the 66th minute: Because suddenly the ITV television channel broadcast the Disney classic “The Lion King” for about five seconds.

Cartoon instead of football!

Curiously, when the problem occurred, BBC One started showing the 1994 cartoon.

The extract comes just after Chelsea took the lead (65′) thanks to Loftus-Cheek (2-0 by Mount in the 76th minute). One viewer wrote: “Chelsea scored sadly Lion King just better.”

Another football fan asked: “Why the hell did the Lion King start in the middle of the Chelsea game?”

An ITV spokesperson said: “We apologize for the very brief transmission problem viewers experienced while broadcasting ITV in parts of the country. The incident occurred in technical systems outside ITV’s direct control. Other TV stations were also affected. The matter was resolved quickly.”

However: It was not the only accident on Sunday evening. As the FA Cup semi-finals approached, the broadcaster had such problems with the sound that viewers were forced to mute the television.

Pundits Roy Keane, Ian Wright and Joe Cole actually wanted to share their thoughts on the next game with TV audiences, but the noise made it impossible for anyone on TV to pick up on anything.

One viewer tweeted: “Can you turn off that constant background hiss on the ITV audio channel before the game starts?” “

The English television channel ITV has probably seen better days…

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