Conclusion of the Easter marches: positive results – and criticisms

To: 18/04/2022 18:24

Organizers see this year’s Easter Marches as a strong signal against Russia’s attack on Ukraine – residents of more than 120 towns have heeded their call. But there were also strong criticisms of the peace movement.

In the context of the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine, according to the organizers, slightly more people took part in the Easter marches of the German peace movement than last year. The number of participants increased “moderately” compared to previous years, according to the Bonn Peace Cooperative Network. According to this, there were corresponding events in more than 120 cities on Easter. In Hamburg, for example, around 1,700 people also demonstrated on Easter Monday.

Events organized in a decentralized way

Easter Walkers call for disarmament and focus on diplomacy for peace

Roland Zimmerman, BR, daily newspaper 6:20 p.m., April 18, 2022

The alliance did not provide information on the total number of nationwide participants in the marches, which are traditionally organized in a decentralized way at the local and regional level. However, he drew a “positive balance” from this year’s campaigns, which mainly took place on Holy Saturday and Easter Monday. Easter marches, shaped by pacifism, took hold during the Cold War and reached their peak in West Germany in the 1980s.

“The war in Ukraine has pushed many people into the streets at Easter who do not want to follow the news faintly, but want to actively fight against the war, for diplomatic solutions and against rearmament,” a doorman said. -word of the network.

criticism of the peace movement

Given Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine, there has been much debate this year about the sharply critical NATO orientation of the marches and their sweeping demands for disarmament. “Peace cannot and will only come if Putin stops his war of aggression,” Vice Chancellor Robert Habeck told the Funke media group newspapers on Saturday. FDP politician Alexander Graf Lambsdorff wrote in a guest article for “Die Zeit”: “Easter Walkers are Vladimir Putin’s fifth column, politically and militarily.”

Former Bundestag President Wolfgang Thierse explained that the motto “making peace without arms” is currently an arrogance towards the Ukrainian people. “Pacifism at the expense of others is cynical,” he said. bavarian radio. Former chairwoman of the Evangelical Church of Germany (EKD) board, Margot Käßmann, defended the NDR the critical attitude of the peace movement. In their opinion, more weapons will not end the war.

German defense budget increase rejected

Organizers dismissed criticism of the marches. The Peace Cooperative Network explained that the call for an end to the Russian war against Ukraine was a central message of this year’s Easter marches. According to a spokesperson, “Ukraine’s right to self-defense against Russian aggression” is “completely out of the question”. However, “many peace activists are concerned about plans to supply heavy weapons to war”. The increase in the German defense budget is totally rejected.

Criticism of the Easter Marches: Pacifism is currently a distant dream

Angela Tesch, ARD Berlin, April 16, 2022 12:13 p.m.

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