Did Mourad Boudjellal accuse all Marine Le Pen voters of being racist?

Question from Jean Marc

Did Mourad Boudjellal accuse all Marine Le Pen voters of being racist?

Hello Jean Marc,

You are certainly referring to the speech given by the former President of the RCT and current owner of the Hyères 83 Football Club during the Emmanuel Macron meeting at the Parc du Pharo in Marseille on Saturday April 16th.

The President of the Republic’s support for his re-election, Mourad Boudjellal, castigated – as he has done for more than 25 years – the “National Front” (now National Rally), in his words.

In particular, on the microphone he faced off against Marine Le Pen, who obtained 23.1% of the votes in the first round on Sunday April 10th, which will allow him to win in the second round on Sunday April 24th to face Emmanuel Macron.

In a 9-second video circulated by the candidate on her Twitter account and by many sympathizers – such as Gilbert Collard, the Zemmourist Tanguy David or the far-right activist Damien Rieu, among others – condemning the words of the Toulonnais , we heard repeatedly : “To all those voting for the Front National (now National Rally)look at you, you are racist”.

Marine Le Pen’s reaction

On Sunday April 17th, the day after the political event in Marseille, the president of the National Rally accompanied her tweet with a strong reaction.

At the meeting in Marseille, Emmanuel Macron gave the floor to Mourad Boudjellal, who offended millions of French people. I solemnly ask Emmanuel Macron to do soWe condemn these intolerable words and stop his campaign of lies against the opposition“.

Truncated Words

For his part, Mourad Boudjellal sent a 45-second video on his Twitter account as the only response to the candidate in the second round of the presidential election. The media “response” is not accompanied by any text other than an emoji ✂️.

Those who think that if there is a culprit, we already think that it is the result of genetics, not a social, not a cultural or educational course, I tell them face to face with all those who think so and who vote Front National, I tell them face to face: “Look, you are racists. Look at you, you are racists. Whether you like it or not, you are racists“,” he calls out to the public gathered in front of the election campaign scene.

If you believe that race affects ability, you are a racist. To all those who vote for the National Front, to all elected members of the Front National, to all those who marginalize a segment of the population day and night, if you think it’s based on race, you’re a racist‘ Mourad Boudjellal finished with jubilation.

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