FC Barcelona – Barça-Ultras boycott match against FC Cadiz: “A shame that we will never forget”

“We have experienced the greatest shame that has ever happened to our home. We have become guests at a stranger’s party,” the Ultra group said in a statement. “As fans, we experienced an embarrassment that we will never forget,” the followers wrote.

We are aware of the responsibility we have to support the team “as a twelfth player”. Nevertheless, the events of the past week have forced action. “That’s why we won’t go to the Barcelona-Cádiz game,” Animacio’s Grada announced.

Even against Frankfurt last Thursday, the stand behind the goal remained empty in the first ten minutes after halftime. Also for reasons of protest, as “Grada d’Animacio” has now confirmed in its press release.

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Instead of the 5,000 spectators admitted to Eintracht, around 30,000 eagle-bearers went to Camp Nou and temporarily overshadowed Barca fans there. Eintracht goalkeeper Kevin Trapp said after the match: “I thought I was in Frankfurt.”

Eintracht Frankfurt supporters

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Barça “a stranger in his stadium”

Markus Krösche summed up the mood in Catalonia. “We made the away game the home game,” he said, adding: “Our guys are very resourceful and tried everything to get in.”

The Spanish newspaper “AS” headlined after the match: “Barcelona felt like a stranger in their own stadium”. Barca coach Xavi announced after the match that the club would look into the matter.
Club president Joan Laporta fumed after the Blaugrana’s exit: “It’s a shame we had to go through this here today. It must not happen again.” Going forward, tickets will be personalized to prevent “something like this from happening again at this stadium”, Laporta explained.

The ultras criticize the ticket system

In its statement, the Ultra group also expressed general criticism of the club’s ticketing policy. “The perversion of the free-seat system has set off a trend in recent seasons,” complained fans.

This has facilitated access to the stadium for tourists and supporters of opposing teams.

In addition, “Grada d’Animacio” denounced the price policy, which was “unacceptable” for the Catalan population. Finally, the association lashed out at the club’s management: “Not everything in life revolves around a few million, especially when you’re talking about a club whose motto is ‘More than a club’.”

As a result of the boycott, coach Xavi’s side will have to battle for Champions League positions against Table 18 on Monday night (9:00 p.m. LIVE). thereby missing a significant portion of the audience.
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