For ‘heroism and bravery’: Putin honors brigade after Bucha massacre

For “Heroism and Bravery”
Putin pays tribute to the brigade after the Bucha massacre

Ukraine blames the Russian army’s 64th Motorized Infantry Brigade for the atrocities committed in the town of Bucha. President Putin now bestows an honorary title on this unit. The soldiers had shown courage and great professionalism.

Russian President Vladimir Putin awarded an honorary title to the brigade which accused Ukraine of war crimes and massacres in the town of Bucha. According to the Kremlin, Putin signed a decree giving the 64th Motorized Infantry Brigade the honorary title of “guards”. The award is justified by the “heroism and bravery, determination and courage” of the members.

“The skillful and resolute actions of the entire personnel (the brigade) during the military special operation in Ukraine” are “models of the execution of military duties, courage, determination and high professionalism”, said Putin. The brigade defended the “interests of the fatherland and the state”. The Kremlin did not provide information on the current whereabouts of the brigade members or where they were stationed. No other details were given about their functions.

Ukraine had accused the Russian army and especially the 64th brigade of having massacred civilians in the town of Bucha near kyiv. After the departure of Russian troops, bodies in civilian clothes, some with their hands tied, were found in the streets of Bucha. The Intelligence Service of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense published the names, ranks and passport details of each member of the brigade and announced that they would be tried.

According to Ukrainian police, most of the dead in Bucha had gunshot wounds. Russia denies the allegations. He accuses Ukrainian authorities and Western media of orchestrating the atrocities and Ukrainian troops of committing the acts in order to blame Russia.

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