Have you purchased “children’s” products? Now you can!


17 Apr 2022 – 12:11 look

For now, the Ferrero Surprise Eggs might be more of a bad surprise. The reason: Some batches of popular candies are said to be infected with salmonella. Ferrero has therefore launched a product recall – and in recent days it has even extended to other products from the food manufacturer. RTL reported. But what if you have already purchased the affected products?

My product is on the list – what can I do?

At this time, so shortly before Easter, many parents will have bought lots of goodies for the Easter basket – some children’s products will have ended up in their basket. But after the latest reports, many will now take a very close look at the products they have purchased and diligently check the product numbers. The affected lot numbers can be found here! But what if the purchased items are actually on the recall list?

The consumer center informs on its website that Ferrero only released new information for customers on March 7. Contrary to previous statements, it is possible that even products without receipt take it back to the store and get your money back. As research from the Hamburg Consumer Advice Center confirms, this procedure is possible in many supermarket chains. Among other things, Edeka confirmed: “Of course, customers who purchased the corresponding products from Ferrero can return them to EDEKA for a refund of the purchase price without presenting the receipt.” According to the consumer center, the same is confirmed by Netto, Kaufland, Aldi Nord and Süd and Lidl. Rewe and Penny refer to the guidelines of food manufacturer Ferrero, but also assure: “If customers of our stores also wish to return affected products in individual cases, we will find an accommodating arrangement.”

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Consumer Center also warns against unlisted children’s products

According to confectionery maker Ferrero, only the products mentioned in the recall could be affected by salmonella, but the consumer advice center currently warns on its website against the widespread consumption of children’s products. The reason: Ferrero has twice extended the recall to other products. As a precautionary measure, it is therefore best to generally refrain from eating Ferrero’s children’s sweets for the time being – at least until the investigations by the authorities are completed. (vho)

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