His last words on Amazon’s “LOL” come to tears

Warning, spoilers
Mirco Nontschew († 52): His last words in “LOL: Last One Laughing” do not leave dry eyes

The third season of the comedy show “LOL: Last One Laughing” will be broadcast from April 14. The Amazon Prime show is the latest project of comedian Mirco Nonchev, who died suddenly in December 2021. His last words are heartbreaking.

The third season of the show “Last One Laughing” on Amazon should be particularly emotional for fans. This is the last show in which Mirco Nontschew wants to make his comic colleagues laugh with his inimitable style. Starting April 14, two new episodes will air on Amazon Prime every Thursday.

In advance, Amazon has already published a 10-minute clip of celebrities entering a studio set up like a cozy apartment. Axel Stein, Christoph Maria Herbst, Anke Engelke, Palina Rojinski, Carolin Kebekus, Hazel Brugger, Michelle Hunziker, Abdelkarim Olaf Schubert and Mirco Nontschew have six hours to be laughed at.

The next room is filled with fun accessories. Competitors are allowed to use anything to use improvised and prepared show interludes. The comedy show will once again be hosted by Michael Bully Herbig. The goal of the format is to make as many colleagues laugh as possible. Everyone can afford to laugh, the second kicks them out.

Comedians have the utmost respect for Mirco Nontschew’s skills: “What he’s doing there with his eyes and everything on his face is a full-fledged Chinese state circus. One face only” , sums up Christoph-Maria Herbst very well Nonchev’s imitations and grimaces have already caused unwanted laughs in the first “LOL” season.

“Last One Laughing”: Spoilers Warning

“I’m in fight mode, you know what I mean,” Mirco Nontschew said when he moved in. When he entered the studio, he whistled, which his colleagues could hear from afar. When Mirco Nontschew got out of the elevator, Christoph Maria Herbst was scared: “Oh no”, he exclaimed. “That’s what I’m afraid of.” Carolin Kebekus also had a bad feeling: “And then he comes in through the door with his whistle. I’ve heard it before.”

Mirco Nontschew’s last words are sad

From the start, the comedian gives his all and is the first to put on a costume to make the other participants laugh. But then he can’t control himself anymore and bursts out laughing. As the Bild newspaper reports, despite his feared performance, Mirco Nontschew is the first contestant to leave the show after laughing at a rotten meat joke from Axel Stein and Christoph-Maria Herbst. As he left the room, he said regretfully, “I still had such good things…”

At the time, no one could have guessed how sad the comedian’s pain would be a few months later. On December 3, Mirco Nonchev was found dead in his Berlin apartment at the age of 52. In January, he was buried with his immediate family.

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