Hugo Clément challenges Rayane Bensetti after feeding a bear in a cage

The journalist and presenter of “Sur le front” on France 5 reminded the actor that the Plantigrade “spends his life locked up and forced to perform unnatural ‘acts’ to amuse the public”.

Hugo Clément has been a passionate activist for the animal cause for several years. Hunting with hounds, factory farming, industrial fishing, wild animals in circuses, dolphinariums, tigers in “Fort Boyard”… The presenter of “Sur le front” on France 5 is always quick to denounce certain behaviors. This Sunday, the journalist didn’t think twice when he spotted Rayane Bensetti with a bear and decided to call him directly.

The actor has in fact posted a video on his Instagram account of him mouth feeding a plantigrade in a cage. “Dear Rayane Bensetti, This bear you’re feeding a marshmallow lives his life in confined spaces, forced to perform unnatural ‘acts’ to amuse the public.”recalled Hugo Clément before adding: “Please don’t participate and don’t let your followers think this is normal”.

In October 2020, after attending twice, the journalist vowed not to attend the “Fort Boyard” events again due to the presence of the cats in the building. “I find it anachronistic to continue using these wild animals for entertainment purposes. I therefore hope that France Télévisions and the production of “Fort Boyard” decide to withdraw the Tigers. It doesn’t add anything today.”he denounced a few months after his second participation on Europe 1.

A direct call to Adventure Line Productions that probably shouldn’t remain a dead letter. Namely in February the production company that calls itself “Attention to Tiger Welfare”She announced and promised that the Tigers would withdraw this summer “Dedicate until the end of their lives an amount that will allow them to continue to receive all the care they need and have an end of life respecting the dignity of animals that we hold dear”. Something to delight Hugo Clément. “It’s obviously a very good decision, although I know they weren’t mistreated there. Locked in a tiny cage in the middle of the ocean, they really felt out of place. “Fort Boyard” is a great show, I enjoy participating and watching it, but it doesn’t need it to exist»he explained to our colleagues at the beginning of April Provence.

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