In Paris, Extinction Rebellion turns “to civil disobedience” to challenge the next government

Guitars in the background, tents in the street and activists sitting in the sun. Since Saturday April 16, several hundred people have occupied part of the Chaussée des Grands Boulevards in Paris, in the 2nd and 10th arrondissement. An action by “nonviolent civil disobedience” coordinated by the organization Extinction Rebellion.

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Their goal: to draw attention to climate issues after the IPCC experts sound a new red flag, and when the climate issue appears to them between the two rounds as a by-product of this campaign. They have therefore gathered for two days in the middle of an extremely busy and commercial axis of the capital.

Extinction Rebellion activists occupy part of the Porte Saint-Denis street in the 10th arrondissement of Paris on April 18, 2022.  (ALAIN GASTAL / FRANCE INFO)

Yoga courses for volunteers are on the program for this Monday. “That feels really good to loosen all your muscles and enjoy the vibes in all this blissful activity,” explains an activist present. And the aim of those present here is to put pressure on the next government.

“Demonstrations and petitions are useful, but given the urgency of the climate issue, we need to take it to a higher level. Turn to nonviolent civil disobedience to challenge our leaders.”

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Most of the people mobilized are young, very organized, highly motivated, but also very anxious about the future. This is the case of Clément, who was from Lille. “What worries me is the threat of famine,” he explains. “If after a while there’s no more food for everyone, we can’t invent it, and that’s one of my recurring fears, causing us sometimes to fail to close the eye of the night, adds Clemens.

Among passersby who watch the show, some agree, like this resident: “Let us make efforts, we richest in the world, that will make it possible to solve this problem. Knowing we had a COP21 and have been waiting ever since.” Others, on the other hand, complain a little: “I’m for the climate, but let them do it differently, don’t let them bother who is passing and who is working”. The activists should in principle clear the area on the evening of Monday, April 18th.

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