In this particular game, you can commit crimes with impunity.

Players are still discovering new things in Skyrim even though it was released in 2011. It is the same in modded VR mode. They can even commit crimes without fear of being caught.

Skyrim: modders make a lot of things possible in VR mode

Skyrim’s VR mode isn’t just a better version of the game. Bethesda wants to restore an “unparalleled sense of scope, depth, and immersion” that you should be able to do “any way you can” . (Steam is the source).

However, some players found it too boring and added extra features to VR mode, e.g. B. the ability to touch everything. You can drag, push, and even hit NPCs with anything, be it the Guardian’s helmet or an apple.

FlyingParticle’s Planck (character physics and kinetics animation) mod makes it all possible. He tweaked Skyrim VR’s physics engine to dramatically change the way characters react. Anything is possible, including picking someone up and throwing them or slapping them in the face.

However, the Planck mod has a lot more to offer. If you love animals and enjoy petting them in video games, this mod is for you. It can be used for all kinds of pranks, but also for petting dogs, as YouTuber Cangar demonstrates in his video.

(Source: YouTube)

Access the mod on Nexus Mods

How has the series evolved over the past 25 years?

The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim wouldn’t be the game it is today if the franchise hadn’t traveled this far. The Elder Scrolls: Arenas, released in 1994, was the start of it all. A lot has changed since then, as the graph shows.

What happened to the series over the last quarter century? Here is what we will demonstrate:

The Elder Scrolls 1994–present

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