In Toulouse, a dragon-like machine roams the streets

The Nantes company La Machine shows its open-air show in the streets of Toulouse: the giant dragon Long Ma fights against a giant spider. A treat for the spectators.

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It’s a battle between two titans. Long Ma, a half-mare, half-dragon creature, battles a giant spider. A duel that doesn’t take place in a blockbuster cinema, but in the streets of Toulouse. It’s La Halle in the Montaudran district that serves as the setting for the new show by Nantes-based company La Machine, which specializes in making large-scale animated beasts.

Built in 2014 to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of France-China relations, Long Ma has returned to France to undergo a mechanical facelift. The opportunity for the La Machine company to present it to the general public.

On the trail of the giants in Toulouse, Long Ma confronts the spider. According to the mythologically inspired scenario, the dragon should close a hole in the sky that is dangerous for humans. But the spider wants to stop him.

At the feet of the giants, François Delarozière, artistic director of the company, explains what makes the creations of his teams so charming. “If I nod my head, you will feel something. If I close my eyes you will feel something else. When Long Ma does this, it creates an emotional play in the viewer and a language is created. This is the animal and man machine-adapted language”he says.

Long Ma weighs 45 tons and belches flames. Soon a basket will also be installed on its back, which can accommodate up to 35 people. Enough to make the battle of the titans even more spectacular. “These are big machines, designed by men, driven by men, that bring magical moments to children and adults alike.”sums up a viewer from Toulouse nicely.

The creatures of the La Machine company can be discovered in the Halle de Toulouse in the Montaudran district until May 8th. Information on the Toulouse Tourist Office website.

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